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Looking at the app development scenario right now, we all have to admit to the fact that nowadays users are getting more inclined towards travel apps.
These kinds of apps are exactly the ones users were looking for the whole. With travel apps, one can easily book hotels, flights, and manage expenses in just a few taps.
If you own a travel business and would like to develop a travel app, then do make sure to read this article till the very end.
When planning on making a travel app, there is always a question arise in our mind regarding cost to build a travel app it certainly is the first question most of you would have. But, that’s not the only thing you should be worried about.

Here Are Some Questions Which You Should Definitely Look Before Develop Travel App:

• What business objective will the app help to achieve?
• What customer need will it solve for?
• What basic features are required?
• How much does building a travel app cost?
• How will we measure success?

The Travel App Development

As per Sensor Tower estimations, we got to know by this year i.e. 2020; App Store will present more than 5 million apps. And, you’d be surprised to know this number was limited to just 5000.
Another factor to look at is that travel apps are amongst the top 10 downloaded apps on both Android and iOS platforms. But, travel industry still has to cover up major aspects to modernize travel app development.

Top Grossing Travel Apps:

Top Grossing Travel Apps

1. Trivago
2. Kayak
3. Expedia
4. Airbnb
5. Hopper
6. Hello Travel
7. Booking
8. DiDi
9. LoungeBuddy
10. Hostelworld

Is It Really Necessary To Have A Travel App?

Users nowadays need everything on their finger tips, be it music or cabs.
Other than that, we found out that most of the people out there prefer an app instead of a website in order to access a service. And, apparently, the travel industry falls into that same category.
People nowadays use travel apps quite extensively to search and book flights to stay updated. A travel app also has some advantages to its name, and to name a few; speed and rich functionality, which you won’t find in a typical website.

Here Are Some Benefits Which You’ll Get With A Travel Application:

• Take away the stress of travel
• Increase brand awareness and loyalty
• Increase conversion rates
• Boost revenues
• Target each customer individually
• Acquire and retain customers
• Can promote services accordingly

Types Of Travel Apps:

• Flight booking apps
• Accommodation booking apps
• Transport apps
• Travel guide apps

Points To Consider While Making A Travel App:

Hiring a travel app development company doesn’t mean you are done. You need to address key issues which your app will help users to get rid of. The most important thing to do is to develop a mobile app that can simply get all the information from mobile version of the website. Here are some key points which you need to focus on:

• Users And Their Needs

Before moving any further in the app development process, it is necessary for you to gather knowledge about your audience. Who are these people? What’s their income? Do they prefer travel to remote areas? Finding out such information will definitely help you anticipate the audience.

• Competitor Research

Being quite a competitive market, you’d have to invest admissible amount of time in order to understand your competitors. If you fail to do so, you might end up with losses or something relevant to that.

• And Relying On A Development Team

Finding a trust-worthy mobile application development team is quite a major aspect you don’t want to miss out on. A perfect partner can help you and provide you with the best possible services.

Features Which your Travel App Should Have:

Features are what make your app standout in the industry. Since there are already thousands of travel apps available, you’d have to consider adding the following features:

• Travel Planning

Add features like destination-search, trip scheduling, travel tips, and guides, e-tickets, and so more.

• Travel Journal

There is also a camera feature to record precious snapshots of your trip in live notes.

• Navigation And Maps

Irrespective of the fundamental purpose of this particular application, for each mobile travel device it is necessary.

• In-App Booking

This allows consumers to book accommodation, planes, ships, cabins, etc. on a single application. They can also include discounts and rewards in order to benefit the product over others.

• Reviews And Recommendations

This is the first thing users looks for while checking the reliability of a hotel, transportation or other service. Give your application an option for the same.

• Local Area Information

Tourists can easily access the region and the guides to public transport in your smartphone.

• Integrated Transaction

A lot of travel apps are now available to enable tourists when visiting an foreign-speaking country to overcome the language barrier.

• Weather Forecast

This is a feature to be taken into account, as every traveler wishes to know about the weather of the place he / she is planning to visit.

• Local Helpline

You can enter your app’s guidance or blog section with the emergency numbers of several cities / towns / countries.


Although budget is an important factor in every device development,’ how much is it going to cost ?  It’s not that question that you ought to ask. The most important thing is to create a product that customers love and that meets their business objectives. Concentrate first and foremost on creating this minimally viable product and once launched, evaluate where your digital strategy needs to go for your customers in the future.

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