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Nowadays, the taxi booking service has become the standard transportation option for people. It’s a decent transformation today as we are living in a mobile-centric world where we don’t want to go somewhere, just take your mobile phone out of your pocket as well as swipe through user-friendly applications to book, order, or buy things or services that you need. One of the best things about this advanced world is that there are few new ways to get everything done from the ease of your home in no time alongside a few swipes.

There are numerous key participants in the USA and European nations that have conquered the ride-hailing economy from the time they begin their taxi booking services like ride-hailing firms are UBER, Sidecar, Lyft, and a lot more.

Do You Know the Truth of Their Fame Behind Blablacar?

Easy to book a ride, secure ride, time-saving, economical fare, and fare calculation has made these applications admired among the users. There is simple communication between the driver and passenger. Riders recompense drivers only for the rates of gasoline, while drivers don’t want any commercial license or further insurance.

While, the taxi booking applications like OLA, UBER, Juno, Grab, Curb, and Gett, have comparatively convenient alternatives but are limited.

Hence, looking at the growing demand of the users to travel on an empty seat, numerous ride-hailing businesses have introduced the carpooling proposal to connect drivers and passengers willing to travel together amid towns and share the cost of the journey.
There are some of the great carpooling platforms are Zimride, Carma Carpooling, BlaBlaCar, Carpooling, and so on.

BlaBlaCar is a France based foremost travel startup, founded on Sep 16, 2006. The platform has around 70 million users in the year 2019 and is accessible in 22 nations, including the U.K., Europe, India, Russia, and Mexico. Since people are only sharing costs instead of hiring a driver.

According to a study organized in 2015, the privately held carpooling firm, BlaBlaCar, is eyeing more than 45 million vehicles to be in the worldwide carpooling program.

• Amount of user who utilizes BlaBlaCar: 70 million+
• A recorded sum that BlaBlaCar raised till date: $ 400 million
• BlaBlaCar accounted evaluation: $ 1.6 billion+

Let’s divide this on-demand ridesharing solution for it’s business structure and revenue streams to understand how it works.

How Ride-Sharing App BlaBlaCar Works?


How BlaBlaCar Works?

With the help of BlaBlaCar, the driver and rider get the chance to share and take a ride for long-distance or between towns. The car proprietors can share their ride along with the riders for a similar route. And, in return, the riders pay a particular amount to the car owners for the ride, which they have taken as a sharing.

Car Holders: Car owners share their information in the app for the route that they are planning to take in a day or a few days.
Passenger: Riders search a car for a similar route and send a request to car holders. The car owner acknowledges the rider’s request and additionally they both communicate with each other via the in-app chat function. Then, the riders can pay their part to the owners honestly to cover realistic expenses.

Identity Verification for Safe & Secure Ride:

To make the ride more secure, the admin identifies only those accounts that give valid details alongside a Government ID.

How to Build an App Like BlaBlaCar?

After discussing the functionalities, working procedures and revenue structure, we have come to the point of the procedure of BlaBlaCar carpooling App development. If you wish to create your own Car Sharing App like BlaBlaCar, then you can hire the best Ride-Sharing App Maker or skilled Mobile App Development firm. To make an ideal carpooling application, you may think of all these functionalities that we’ve discussed above.

Technologies Stack used in BlaBlaCar

• Cloud Environment –Google, AWS, Azure
• Four square’s API– for Listing Restaurant
• Google and Facebook SDK– For Social Login
• Google Analytics or Mix Panel – for presentation & study
• Amazon S3-For Data Backup
• Braintree, Stripe, PayPal- For Safe Payment Integration
• Core Location Framework (for iOS), as well as Google’s Places API (for Android) – For GPS Tracking For Both drivers and ride’s location

How Much it Cost to Create a Carpooling app like BlaBlaCar?

The most searched query associated with carpooling mobile app development is the “How much does it cost to build a rideshare app?,

“How How much does carpooling cost?“, “BlaBlaCar Mobile app development cost?“.

The reply to the above queries depends on the app architecture, business models, features that you want to integrate into your app, platforms (Android, iOS, Window, and Web for Admin Panel), technology and the third-party APIs. Also, it depends as to where the mobile app is being created. Developers from diverse nations have diverse hourly rates:

• In the United States Based Developers: $80-$250/hour
• In Eastern-Europe Based Developers: $50-$150/hour
• India-based Developers: $20-$40/hour

The simple mobile app design will cost you approx $4000, an average mobile application design will cost you approx $8000, and complex app design with high-end features and technology will cost you approx $15000.


I hope the above post will help you to know the most basic information about to create an app like BlaBlaCar. If you have a unique carpooling taxi app idea that can take a peek in the market, you have to find the best carpooling app development company. Find your best carpooling app development partner and avail of all the benefits.

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