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Grocery delivery services are trending impressively around the world. These services have proved to be very helpful in the Coronavirus pandemic period. People were not able to go to the market for daily grocery shopping due to the Covid19 outbreak. Soon it became a global issue and people started facing problems related to food and regular needs. This gave birth to instant grocery delivery apps and relative business ideas.

Zepto is a brilliant grocery delivery app to consider as such. The company claims super-fast 10 minute-delivery service on all types of daily goods. The customers can also order perishable goods like fresh fruits and vegetables at their doorstep. The instant grocery delivery apps are doing great even these days when there’s no pandemic. Customers want to save their time and effort for daily and frequent shopping.

Moreover, now people take more care of themselves and prefer to go lesser to the daily grocery stores. Even if they do, they wear a proper mask and sanitize themselves before purchasing something. So, Grocery delivery app development is getting famous among online businesses and new entrepreneurs.

If you also want to create such an app, you have to pay some costs for the development project. In this article, we’ll talk about the different factors affecting the cost of app building for a Zepto-like app. Keep reading!

Business Model of Zepto

If you can understand the business model of Zepto, you’re able to anticipate your project cost to a better extent. It consists of whatever you want to add to your app functions and features. App features and functions can vary depending on the business niche. An instant grocery delivery app company provides features that encourage users to shop. The mobile app needs to display those features to promote user engagement.

Zepto’s business model is called the dark store and consists of various micro-warehouses in the city providing quick access to various types of daily groceries. The riders can pick up these products and head toward the customer venue quickly. These stores are distribution outlets available in various cities and towns. Grocery delivery app development is meaningless if there are no such outlets in the city.

Therefore, the business model focuses on-

• Same-Day Delivery
• Online Purchase and
• Pickup In-Store

In the approaching segment, we’ll discuss the various factors responsible for a corresponding app development cost. We’ll also discuss the leading features of such applications that contribute to the overall project cost!

Factors & Features Affecting the Cost of Grocery Delivery App Development like Zepto

To develop a mobile application like Zepto, you should understand your market. If you don’t know what your app users want, you can’t add the right features and functions to your app. The project cost may go up or down as per your expectations. A grocery app development company can help you build a potential app like Zepto, but you must recall the different factors affecting the cost of such app-building projects.
Here are the leading factors and features that influence these app development costs:

1. Research & Analysis

Online grocery delivery is a fresh concept for many emerging entrepreneurs and developers. So, they need to conduct proper research before starting an app-building project. It takes time and effort for managing research like that. Likewise, the developers can charge a specific fee for conducting the research. The research can conclude the chances of your grocery app to succeed in the market.

2. Developing a Prototype

Initially, the developers must build a prototype (model) of the application to avoid further mistakes and issues. The prototype can be of different types depending on the project budget. Moreover, the developers need to create a wireframe of the app before getting started. A grocery app development company may require some expenses on such prototype and wireframe preparation.

3. Basic Features

Every mobile app has some basic features and an instant grocery delivery app is also among them. These basic features help users get a quick insight into your app design and business structure. Such features always remain common for different types of mobile apps. These features include- User Registration, Security, Flexibility, Social Media Handles, Speed, Feedback, etc.

4. Advanced Features

Goods and product delivery apps often have advanced features like GPS and digital navigation. Without these features, the riders can’t deliver products on time. Food delivery app companies always need such features to facilitate their riders and customers. More advanced features include- Payment Integration, AR/VR Integration, Wearable Integration, IoT functions, etc.

5. Design & Development

The design and development costs also vary across different app-building projects. Design operations include various types of UI and UX elements that need to be deployed on the app. An instant grocery delivery app should promote a simple design that let users select their favorite grocery items instantly and make a buying decision right away. Similarly, development operations include different backend operations.

6. Testing & Deployment

You can either use automated tools or hire testing experts for conducting a test for your application before launch. This testing process is very crucial to overcome the risk of post-app launch errors and mistakes. So, it takes some business investment to hire or work along with such testing tools. These errors and mistakes can ruin your business reputation, so you must get rid of them before the app launch.

As such, building a 10-minute instant grocery delivery app like Zepto requires somewhere between $20K to $50K in India. The cost may differ in other countries depending on their currency value.

Wrapping Up

By creating an instant grocery delivery app, you can target a great variety of customers in your city, state, or country. You can also globalize your business plan in the future and raise customer recognition for your eCommerce brand. For a perfect outcome and a decent cost, you can reach out to a trusted Mobile app development company and share your business idea for better support and assistance. Build your 10-minute grocery delivery mobile app now!

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