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Those days are gone when doves used to deliver letters from one place to another. In today’s era, we have an on-demand courier delivery service which is doorstep offered by the delivery guys.

Technology plays a pivotal role in changing our daily life and the courier delivery app is evidence. Through this app, you can avail of a doorstep courier delivery service and your packages, goods, and letters are delivered to the destination with great client service.
This delivery is not restricted to letters and files. You can deliver everything- from grocery to apparel. This service ensures timely and fast delivery where the client will get constant info regarding the progress.

A courier delivery guarantees convenience to a great extent. And the demand has increased for the courier-delivery app. The courier services market size globally was 299100 million USD in 2018 and it is expected to reach 464300 million USD by the end of 2025.

Different Business Models for a Courier Delivery App

Different Business Models for a Courier Delivery App1. Courier and Postal Service Applications

There are some courier service apps that make use of mobile applications in courier and postal services. DPD and FedEx are two prime examples.
These two provide fully developed client admin panel which incorporated the capacity of making print labels and shipments for the packages.

2. Package Tracking Aggregators

Different data from all the carriers are assembled at a single place and just one app is needed for tracking every package, irrespective of the carrier.
Packages can be added manually utilizing its ID. Push notifications on the application keep users updated regarding all the delivery status.

3. Uber-like Marketplaces for Parcel Delivery

Among numerous ideas that Uber has launched to maximize its entire value, Uber for courier delivery services could become another promising income source for millions of drivers whom Uber has contracted and can supplement their driving with food delivery or courier delivery like UberEats.
It could offer a new angle for critics who claim the organization and can wrongly assign them as independent contractors thereby denying them of fundamental perks like minimum wages and health insurance.
Uber for delivery can be one of the trendiest results since the company’s push for going public next year. Such Uber-like businesses and applications have on and off disarrayed conventional business models throughout different industries.

4. Branded Delivery Applications and Integrated Solutions

Mobile apps featuring order tracking capacities help few online retailers offer the total opportunity of the delivery. This helps them know whether the order is getting ready to dispatch, has been shipped, or is out of delivery.
Retailers often use branded package delivery apps as a competitive benefit accounting for convenience and transparency to their clients.

Attributes That Specify Modern Courier Delivery Apps

  • The courier delivery app should be user-friendly.
  • Included with tracking and simple navigation in real-time with full control.
  • Integrated with different payment gateways options.
  • Should highlight details regarding what the vehicles are doing round-the-clock.
  • It should have features to help users monitor the fleet in real-time.
  • Handling the whole fleet proficiently.
  • Provide more values to the clients.
  • It is important to have sales orders, mobile invoicing, costing, and inventory, cost estimates, sales reports on the field, and so forth.
  • All activities and bookings record is saved in an online diary.
  • This app features GPS to check the status of all the details, drivers with an accurate location. These updates give the business the direct control of vehicles, empowering the organization for making better decisions and boosting client service
  • As confirmation of successful product delivery, the courier delivery app should capture the time-stamped signature from all clients.
  • This app enables handling routes for planning and optimizing every route in seconds to get successful delivery results.
  • This type of app works both offline and online for preventing drivers to bear with a poor connection.
  • Necessitous Features of a Courier Delivery App

The most important features of a courier delivery app incorporate:

1. Admin Panel

This is compulsory irrespective of every business model or application type with maximized access rights. It is compulsorily combined with third-party analytics tools for tracking app utilization and knowing about user’s behaviors.
Large-Scale logistics applications have an extra option of combining with the current warehouse management system.

2. Courier Panel

  •  Sign in for manager
  • Courier Account
  • A list of available orders
  • Delivery status handling
  • In-app messaging
  • Entire order history

3. Customer Panel:

  • Register or log in through Google or Social media accounts.
  • Profile of the customer
  • Map View- order tracking
  • In-app messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Courier reviews and ratings

Cost Estimation of the Courier Delivery App Development

There are many factors on which the cost for the courier delivery app depends and varies according to the client’s requirements and needs.
Here are a few deciding factors which estimates the cost of delivery app development:

  • The app development agency which you hire for the app design and development.
  • Your mobile app development platform. It’s better to plan it on both platforms to get success.
  • The post-launch client service which you expect from the courier app development firm.
  • The traits which are to be included amid the courier delivery app building procedure.
  • Whether you need an MVP or a completely developed application. This will incorporate just the fundamental features with a simple design that will handle the business.

Essentials to Consider Before Delving Into the Courier Delivery App Development

Delving Into the Courier Delivery App DevelopmentCourier service app has a competitive benefit and even in case you have a rock-solid business plan, you will provide the best client service by building a user-friendly app.

Moreover, you should offer pocket-friendly and quick services so you can score more than your competitors in all aspects.

1. Promote your App

Launching an app is not sufficient. Promote it aggressively so that people get to know about it before its introduction. Never let the first curiosity die down. Market your app via social channels and links.

2. Fulfill the Local Needs

Even if you dream big, start with small. Try your best effort in your local area because you know about the needs and demographics of your locality.
Recognize the target audience and make a great client relation so you can get awesome feedbacks which will help you boost and organize your business.

3. Feedback Matter

Reviews and ratings help you see the backlogs in your client service. Take instant action on the client’s feedback. Never view the negative criticism as a hindrance. Rather, consider it as a precious lesion in your client service.

4. Provide More Offers

To attract clients for using your app, you can provide some lucrative offers. Think about what kind of offers can lure your target audience. And try with 2-3 different types of offers to see which would be the best effective and received.

5. Go for Customized Messages

Customized messages regarding discounts and offers immediately connect a customer to your app. Keep it restricted and not exactly to the point of making a client annoyed.


Courier delivery apps are highly admired and their craze will remain for long. While the developers of some famous courier delivery apps reap exceptional advantages, these apps also add lots of value to the local economy.

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