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You may be thinking about how much it cost to create a mobile application? Whether it’s booking a flight, ordering food, chatting with friends or booking a taxi, the only thing, which comes to your mind, is your mobile phone.
It’s the same thing for the whole of the world as well.

Mobile applications have turned a requirement of the hour to grab the massive market, which is regularly going Smartphones. Well, in case you are worried about how to create an app for your business, which makes sense. In any case, you don’t want a cost-to-cost list that is excessive.

What is the Cost to Develop Android App?

Creating an application is the new money-making progress for businesses.

• This brings to an essential query – How much does it cost to build a mobile app? What are the basics of how to create a successful mobile app?
• There are various answers that suffice the query if talking about to create an effective mobile app and cost to create it?

Are you confused? So, initially, let’s comprehend the factors which affect the android app development cost.

The Business Model

The journey of building a mobile app for business begins from the core that is the business and profit generation packages. The business model and revenue model is the largest driving force behind the development cost of the app.

Here we have mentioned some point to think about before App Development –

• The platform favored by your target users
• The product you are trying to sell
• The devices that need to be integrated to make the app responsive
• Free App or Paid
• In-app Purchases
• The role of visual design in the application’s interface
• The ads – third party or your own product

These and various other variables play an extremely significant role in the cost as well as the time required to create the mobile app.

For example, the monetization practice plays an incredibly vital role. A paid application is simpler to create apps that should be integrated with in-app purchases.

An e-commerce application includes lots of time and cost. But, a cost to cost price list matters particularly when you are on a budget. However, the development of a mobile app is a lot more. You should consider the clients, as well.

Where Are Your Clients?

The most essential part of your business model is to understand your clients. It’s really probable to lose focus on your customer’s needs.

So, what issue are you trying to resolve throughout the application? The answer to the query allows deciding the target users.

Even the big startups are doing mistakes the same as others during the development of their mobile apps.
Let’s make it clear with an example, Snapdeal, failed to succeed the trust of its clients as it has compromised the quality in respect to quantity. Also, it gets failed in the market of electronics since Flipkart and Amazon gained huge market grip by inking exclusive mobile phone releases.

As a result, the market share of Snapdeal has dropped from 1/4 to 4% in a year.
You won’t be able to make a penny pit of an application when there is no valid hunger. Now let’s find out the monetization scheme.

Types of Mobile Apps

Cost and Types of Mobile apps

A mobile application, in laymen terms, is a software-based program created to run on mobile devices and tablets.
Especially, it will perform the same tasks as your site yet the procedure is made efficiently more robust and user-friendly.

Ease of use is also a necessary element in a mobile app. So, the question is – all the apps are the same?
Obviously, not, there are basically three kinds of applications – native, Hybrid and Web. No wonder there are numerous ways on how to create an application. Let’s take a stab at the whole process of development.

1. Native Applications

If talking about the native mobile app, it is an app that is built for Android and iOS both operating systems and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Native applications are complex a lot but give an unmatched user experience and an outstanding result. They should be developed separately for Android or iOS platforms and ought to be approved to be listed.

2. Hybrid Applications

It is a kind of relative simpler application to create, a hybrid application feature on the single programming language and will work on both platforms.

Generally, they perform like native applications, easier to create and manage. But, the user experience of native applications is great, for mobile application development needs.

3. Web Applications

Numerous studies have found decisive facts that more than 80% of mobile phone users choose applications in comparison to mobile sites. Web applications are your sites optimized for Smartphone users.
Let’s discuss the cost to develop an android app

The cost to create an android mobile app or Android App Maintenance cost will depend on the complexity of your mobile application. It is really tough to put a lot on how much your mobile app may cost because of the various and subjective determinants.

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If I am talking about a basic mobile application without API feature, backend database or social media integration can cost you $2000 to $10,000. In the United States, it may cost you approx $8,000 and in India, the development cost of the same mobile application might be half of the price.

The development time may take from 1 to 3 months and can be effectively done by new designers and developers as they are effortlessly to create.

A moderate complex application may cost you around $10K to $40K. The cost depends on the platform you choose and the country where the application is being created.

Wrapping Up

So, I hope the above post will help you to know about the android app development and the Mobile App Cost Estimate. If you have a unique mobile app idea or you already have an app but it doesn’t get enough traffic, you can hire mobile app developers or can reach the best development firm that can give your vision a real picture.

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