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The landscape of education is really being transformed as technology advances. From the times when education was imparted through classrooms or books, we have come a long way to the stage where classes today are directed on the internet through webinars and video conferencing. This being the case, the basic structure in which students of the next generation peruse learning content is also being changed. Today an increasing number of kids learn through apps on their Smartphone’s and tablet PCs. While this might appear as just an offshoot, it is, in fact, the next leap in EdTech.

Let us discuss 3 ways online education is changing the way education is imparted:

  1. Online Classes

Physical classes have their own benefits but still many schools across the world have started recording sessions by the educators and putting it online. This certainly helps students to go back and listen to the sessions as much time they want. So online teaching coupled up with physical sessions empowers the learning process. Online classes make the entire learning process so flexible, unlike the traditional classroom education where things are so rigid. A student can go and attend an online session on a particular subject when he feels like doing so unlike the traditional way of classroom learning where one has to learn when the educator wants him to.

But classroom learning definitely provides the required discipline.

  1. Online Availability of study material

Running after educators or friends for education material is a thing of past. A few clicks on the internet can unleash the ocean of quality education materials online. This helps students to concentrate more on their studies by saving a lot of time and energy.

  1. Online learning increases the Visual Learning

Visual learning is by far the best way of learning. The visual memory stays for the longest time. It is also easy to grasp things if explained visually. Technology has made visual learning possible. There are so many apps, websites which demonstrates the most basic concept through visual explanations. This is one of the strongest reasons why online learning should be promoted.

The winds of change in the educational sector show that mobile apps are going to be the future of education.

The following reasons are often cited in favor of mobile apps development:

1. Increased Accessibility to content

Thanks to the proliferation of Smartphone’s, today’s younger generation are adept at using Smartphone’s and apps. Using apps as a medium can increase the accessibility of educational content to a wide audience.

2. Reduction in operating costs

Unlike a school or any other educational institution, running an app-based educational service reduces the overhead costs and passes on the benefits to learner thereby helping deliver high-quality learning content to a financially modest section of the society.

3. No upper limit on learning content

Unlike a conventional setup, there is no limit on the volume of learning students can engage in. Education apps can be used to deliver content that is across discipline and diverse in content. Also, the content can be populated endlessly with no expiry limit on content.

4. Personalized engagement

Apps allow learners and tutors to engage with each other in a personalized manner and better the learning experience immensely. With features such as chats, video calls, and document transfer, students can reach out to teachers away from their classrooms through apps and continue the learning process.

5. Gamified Learning

Unlike a classroom environment where the learning can get tedious, apps can enable educators to promote a different approach- gamified learning. This style of learning involves incentivizing each learning exercise where the chapter is made interactive through quizzes, puzzles, etc.

The new IT and communications are changing society, and especially the educational process. Digital networks are part of that social transformation but must take into account multiple technologies adjuvant.

The modern educational technologies have made possible the structure of a new social space.

The idea of educational technology has fully revolutionaries the strategies of education.

  • Classrooms rather than being in limits of four walls and studious information have extended beyond bringing in the cutting-edge information and its availability in numerous forms like video, audio, and text.
  • With education going advanced, the procedure of distance education has proved helpful for students sitting at a remote location.
  • The animation is doing marvel and is helping geography, science, engineering students know the concepts in a more sensible and practical way.
  • With educational innovation coming in, data has taken life in the form of words, actions, and videos.
  • Not just the normal stream, the differently able individuals are benefiting in numerous ways by which ed-tech is catering to their learning needs.
  • A teacher is no more a spoon feeder but a catalyst in the classroom who give onus of accountability of learning on the learners and the procedure becomes much more comprehensible and pleasurable.
  • Edtech is available on palms with multiple smartphones offering numerous kinds of apps and features.
  • Ed-tech has brought about a transformation in the standpoint of learners and teachers regarding the procedure of education.

If you are a school or a university or any educational institution, the points mentioned ought to serve as an eye-opener for you. You need to undertake mobile app development to increase the scope of your services in the educational sector.

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