Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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In this new era of the technology world, the taxi company has developed even more than before the past decade. Mobile Applications have brought a distinct approach to the taxi companies about leveraging taxi business with fully automated dispatch system. Companies like Uber have become a billion-dollar business by providing immense value and filling the technology gap between the customer and cab owners.

According to the report from Taxicab Commission, more than half of the cab services around the world using a taxi application like Uber to streamline their trips, fares, as well as to compete with app-based cab companies. Novel features of taxi booking apps incorporate with the ability to remember the past trip details, save address location as favorite, and online payment options make customers more comfortable in hailing taxis using mobile apps.

“If our business is ever going to get a possibility to move passengers from Uber back to taxi services, each one of these organizations should have an application,” Rouse told The Times.

There are various benefits of using cab management solutions for taxi industries, where they can find more users by deploying app-based taxi bookings. An efficient taxi app can handle many user requests and ensure the cabs are dispatched to the client in the shortest possible time.

If the cab services are not able to grow their businesses to come up to advance with what customers want, then it’s only fair that taxi apps are given right of way to take the industry ahead for their innovative approach to fixing customer difficulties.

Taxi enthusiasts, fleet owners, and taxi operators who intend to reimagine and redefine the used-taxi market by giving a twist in their daily taxi services that would be loved by all, here are five audacious features thought by heart, we bet every other rider vie for:

  1. Allow the Rider to Request A Ride For A Loved One

Imagine your routine taxi app customer’s mother doesn’t own a smartphone, can’t drive by her own living her limited to the transportation options. Worried for her mobility, wouldn’t a son look for a solution that could help him request a ride for her mother?

Solution: Get built a feature which enables the customer to request a ride for their family or friend on their behalf by setting their destination and pick-up point. In this process, the driver can access riders’ phone no and name and customer can track the drivers’ route.

  1. Enable A Trip Tracker For Family

Every person wants peace of mind when any of their family members are on commutation. They just want to ensure if their loved ones have reached safely. They constantly lookout for a befitting solution to help them stay in the know where their near and dear ones are heading.

Solution: Getting built a family trip tracker feature allows users to follow along on the map whenever someone is riding under their family profile. Uber has recently launched this feature which automatically notifies members of the family with their trip details and gives trip’s progress live on the map.

  1. Offer A Real-time Support

Who Doesn’t Want A Safe And Reliable Transportation Option?

For instance, if it happens a driver suddenly takes a detour from the usual route and the female rider gets panicked. But to her support, she immediately gets a call from the taxi support team just to ensure if she is fine as the driver had changed the designated route. A sigh of relief comes inevitably!

Solution: Ensure your taxi app has a panic button for any unfortunate incident or any mishappening so that in case of an emergency your taxi support team can immediately take safety measures to riders’ rescue.

Additionally, it is equally important to create a solution that can raise an alarm to notify support team in case of any irregular activity during the ride like route changes, discards in the network, or any other technical downtime and alerts the team to take prompt action.

How to Take Your Taxi Business Online?

  1. Pay Next Time Feature

It may happen a customer runs out of money and forget his cards or worst he/she gets stranded in a deserted place. He waves his hand in the traffic to get the lift but gets no help.

How good it could be, if he can push a button on his phone, the taxi app opens, he enters his location, and, voila, the app tells him that the cab is on the way to him and will arrive in a few minutes. No need for paying cash as the app allows borrowing money with the flexibility to pay it next time.

Solution: Borrow money feature in the app can help customers to pay money later when they get halted in an unsolicited circumstance.

  1. Say No to Surge Pricing and Dynamic Pricing

Almost all the ridesharing and taxi-hailing company comes with its own associated problems, one of them being surge pricing. Not unknown by the fact that even customers fret and fume about the fares, how gratifying would it be if the company pay incentives to the drivers in case of high-demands?

Solution: No denying, it is pretty understood that it is next to impossible for a brand in every case to offer incentives as it may come as a whopping loss in case of normal “high demand” situations.

But by setting a bar for once in a blue moon situations like for e.g. a snowstorm, an armed hostage crisis, heavy rains, etc. and keeping them out of surge pricing can raise your brand prestigiousness and hence conversions.

Final Thought:

If you want people to come to you, you need to give them a reason to choose you over the sea of other competitors out there. Veer away from the long aunt run and traditional marketing tactics. HUMANIZE your brand because People respond to people.


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