Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Through their recent post, Twitter has warned its worldwide users that not to update Twitter’s latest version that is available in Android. The reason behind this is that Twitter found a virus in it which crashes the app once you update it. From their official Twitter account, they posted that they are found an issue with its latest twitter update in Android that immediately crashes your app, once you open after update. They also said that if you are using Twitter, then not to update its latest version until we solved it for you and at last, they also say Sorry for this inconvenience.

Firstly, the problem was noticed by Android police, where the various reports are coming from the users regarding the update of Twitter’s latest version 8.28. After that incident, the Twitter officials posted about this issue.

But what for the people, who update its latest version, before reading this post. They are too late and already update this latest version of the app. So, there are various ways through which you can fix this issue and also your app start working. So, to solve this issue the first simple way you can test is that, try to clear app data and cache before starting the app again by opening Settings>App Info> Storage and cache. It is the most common way to solve this issue and most of the time it worked fine. One another common method you can use to fix this problem is uninstalling and again reinstalling the app on your Smartphone and this method also helps in solving this issue.


Fix The Twitter Latest Android Update

You can also try to solve this issue by downloading the APK file of the Twitter v8.24.1 version, but again you have to know that, this method is not suggested to you because these files are buggy and also insecure for your data. So, it is best for you to just wait for now until Twitter fixes this problem for the Android bug by itself.

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It is not clear if the error could disturb the security of Android devices, themselves disposed to various susceptibilities. The important thing is that it is not common for Twitter to plug safety holes in their apps from time to time.

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There is also an example of last month in which, it is told to Android users that urgently update their Twitter app, when the officials from Twitter found that there is a nasty virus that permits hackers to take control of user accounts, sending direct messages and tweets.

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