Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Education is becoming more and more expensive these days, and it is becoming quite difficult for middle class folks to provide best in class education to their children.
But who are we kidding to, I not looking great when it comes on to making education more affordable but it is becoming more and more expensive every single day. Since we are talking about education being expensive, we have to bring out the fact that most of the colleges in the United States charge more than $80,000 per year.
The only thing that you can do is save money for college fund but to be honest it is quite a difficult task to pull off. However, now we have an application that can help you in some sorts. UNest is said to be the first ever mobile application which is designed specially to help parents, manage, and optimise a tax-free college fund without any hassle whatsoever.
So if you are planning on using this application to secure your child’s future then do make sure to use this article because we have in enlisted every possible aspect of this application. So do make sure to check it out.

How UNest Works?

What sets this application apart is its user interface which is said to be quite easy to use and informative at the same time.
1. The application is available on both IOS and Android platforms so go ahead and download it. Once you are done installing the application on your device, don’t forget to create your account, which apparently will take only 5 minutes.
2. In order to establish a monthly contribution plan you can use the app’s inbuilt college savings calculator. This calculator will establish your future goal and will help you choose a monthly amount that suits your requirements.
3. The application offers an easy-to-use differing option. Now you must be thinking what exactly that is. Well with this option your friends and family members can contribute to your child’s account which will definitely accelerate the growth of your education fund money.
4. You can use this application to keep track of your savings in just a tap. You can easily view your account balance, change the contribution plans, and manage your transactions on the go.

The pricing of UNest-

This application comes at the lowest cost of 3 dollars per month.
Following are some of the pricing models that this application follows:

  • Sales commission (5% commission)

Advisors within this application can charge and upfront commission when you add money to your account. They can also charge an annual advisory fee based upon your assets under the management. You’d be surprised to know that this application charges a flat monthly fee.

  • Advisory fee (1% annually) or $3 per month, accounts with more than $50,000 will be charged 0.25% annually

If an advisor doesn’t charge and upfront sales commission he is more likely to charge a percentage of annual fee. With time as your asset level grows, that will become larger and the app will charge a flat monthly fee for the life of your account.

  • Underlying investment fees (1.5% annually) or 0.4%-0.6% annually

Every single investment in this application comes with its own underlying fees. Advices within this application will open still actively managed investments which can have high expense ratio. Being quite a unique application, UNest uses funds data passively managed to keep that fees to a minimum.

So if you are planning on securing your child’s future by saving up money this might be the best application available for you. Now that we’re done with enlisting all of its benefits, don’t you think it would be great if you could download this application.

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