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TheOneSpy is a prevailing mobile phone monitoring application that is particularly crafted for parents, partners, and entrepreneurs to support them and spy on the activities of their loved ones and staff members.

It’s an advanced tool that enables the users to control a cell phone without taking permission from the owner. For example, if you want to monitor your child’s phone with the spy software, you can take charge of its usage and access data without holding it in your hands.

It allows you to operate your kids’ or employees’ Android devices via a control panel or mobile app. Install the TOS control panel navigator app on your device and control your kid’s phone secretly and remotely.

What Is TOS Control Panel Navigator App?

Are you willing to monitor the smartphone activities of your family or employees? If yes, there’s a cell phone application that permits you to discreetly watch out the phone activities of your dear ones. You have to deploy the spyware on your targeted user’s phone and the control panel navigator application on your gadget to keep a check on every single act performed on the target’s system.

The navigator app eliminates the requirement to log into the control panel, again and again, to check out the targeted person’s mobile acts. You can use it on your gadget to view what your kids or workers are doing on their phones anytime without signing into the web portal of the monitoring tool.

How To Install And Utilize The TOS Control Panel Navigator App?

First of all, install the android spyware apps on the targeted phone and activate it. Then, deploy the navigator app on your android mobile to control the monitored gadget through your own device. After successfully deploying it, you will be able to see the spyware’s icon on your gadget’s home screen. Run the tool and control the targeted phone instantly. With its help, you can access the saved data on the phone and also send numerous commands to be executed in a sequence.

How the TOS Control Panel Navigator Tool Can Help You?

It allows you to:

  • Monitor SMS, MMS, and instant messages
  • Track incoming and outgoing calls
  • Supervise internet usage
  • Monitor exact location via GPS
  • Record live screen by controlling back and front cameras
  • Listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations by controlling the microphone
  • Block and uninstall age-restricted apps
  • Spy on browser history
  • Capture screenshots of the device’s screen
  • Secretly and remotely read exchanged electronic mails
  • Capture passwords and patterns applied to the device

What Are The Reasons To Use The Tracking Tool?

You Offspring Own A Separate Phone

If your kid uses a separate phone, then never make a mistake of not monitoring his web activities. With the surveillance software, you can read the deleted or hidden text messages, keep an eye on their social media profiles, and listen to their phone calls, and track their precise locality to protect them from predators and scammers.

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You Don’t Trust Your Workers

It’s extremely difficult to fully trust your staff members, especially if you are running a mighty corporation. It’s a common practice in the business industry to provide team members with company-owned digital devices. They not only use them for work-related tasks but for personal purposes too. The best android spy app empowers you to monitor their activities to prevent them from wasting time and betraying you.


The TOS control panel navigator app makes employee monitoring, digital parenting, and surveillance on loved one’s easier and speedier for you.

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