Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Chinese tech giant Huawei is now partnering with the Dutch digital mapping agency TomTom to providing the map service on their smartphones. One of the representatives from the TomTom had an interview and told that the agreement ended some time ago, but it comes to the public late last week.

Although TomTom maintains the self-branded apps on Android and iOS, Reuters reports explain that the Chinese tech giant Huawei developing their apps with TomTom’s maps, navigation tools, and traffic information to create their own devices. Previously TomTom also offered the data for the Apple maps as it was a part of the disorganized patchwork of data providers at presentation, but Apple continued to use its services after renovating the app as well.


Huawei Signs Agreement With Tomtom

From the previous reports, it is found that Huawei is developing a complete mapping system named the ‘Map Kit’. The Map Kit software would be intended for the app developers and could use data from the Yandex, a Russian tech giant and also from Huawei’s personal telecom base stations. The agreement from the TomTom specifies that the Huawei is at least briefly backing off its own software Map Kit, or that it is simply continuing to work on the tech and required a short-term solution.

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Like various other Android smartphone developers, Huawei also has a relief on Google Maps so far, but the Trump governments placed authorizations on the company last year, threatening its bonds to the American tech agencies like google. At present Huawei is still using Android, but the future of that agreement is uncertain and that’s why Huawei is developing its own operating system named HarmonyOS. Through its own OS, the company is claimed that it can assimilate flawlessly with PCs, phones, smart wearables, and other customer electronics products. Huawei representatives also confirmed that the company has various plans to offer encouragement in the form of rewards to developers to create the apps for the company’s HarmonyOS network.

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The agreement of the TomTom is further reducing its dependence on Google, although mapping apps may especially be challenging to get right, so still, the Huawei is not in the clear.

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