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Smartphones have quickly become an important app in most people’s daily lives. Smartphones can be considered as a simple human necessity for the modern age. Because with each generation these apps get more sophisticated, consumers are now paying more money than ever to purchase the right smartphone. When you are one of those people who must have the best cell phone, so you can make sure that you have proper security features that keep the handset running properly over its lifetime. To keep your smartphone safe, install the following free apps.

1. Casual

Casual can manage jobs and assignments in a particular way: the mobile app development is extremely visual. You schedule the activities by writing them out as a flowchart. Casual is a unique app that helps visualize intertask dependencies. You don’t have to tap on tabs to discover about certain aspects of projects, such as who is doing which tasks. You can try this app for free to see if it works for you.

2. Fooducate

Why is it that good food sounds horrible and junk food so sweet? You can find the good food that tastes amazing with this free app, so you can enjoy it healthily and like it. Scan items for nutritional information, and find out which foods are the best for you, the best buys, and of course, the most enjoyable.

3. Cloudswave


Become a smart spender: get all of your business and personal life apps and web applications. This free program directory lets you get the best offers on all the applications and apps you like. You’ll also find the Cloudscore on Cloudswave, a ranking focused on carefully selected Expert Opinions measured to help you capture the essence of critical opinion in a single number.

4. Owl


Would you love to make your mates shocked by strange facts? Get all the interesting and off-beat trivia that you can do with Owl, a free app that provides you with one fun fact every day. Get smarter with interesting facts you’ve never heard of before.

5. Atlas by Collins

Atlas by Collins

The Collins Atlas helps you to travel all over the world, with a flick of your wrist. You will also learn fascinating knowledge about the most important locations and artifacts in the world as well as visiting new sites. Learn about the world for just $0.99, using nine globes, a range of maps and other interesting resources.

6. iBooks


Reading is a way of thinking with the mind of another; it allows you to reach out to your own. But you might not find you have time to read it. Should you travel to work by train? Write down on the line. Were you having breaks? Read on breaks. When you have the free iBooks app, with a huge library that is constantly growing, there’s no reason.

7. Flipboard


Are you always the last one to know what is going on around you in the world? Start being the one that asks us what’s happening with the free Flipboard app, with tap and click controls that make it easy to get news when it happens.

8.Circles Memory Game

In situations where you need to solve a problem, your memory affects your ability to quickly and easily retrieve and apply stored information – and your ability to solve problems is often defined as intelligence. Memory and intelligence, then, are almost two sides of the same coin.  Not only it improves your memory, but you will also be supporting Alzheimer’s research by getting this $0.99 app. You’ll have fun too.

9. Lumosity Mobile

Train your brain to be sharper, and do it with a blast! Using this app’s side effects include improved memory, longer attention span, and better work performance through fun games and puzzles, and it doesn’t cost anything.

10. Brain Workshop

If you are like those of us with no cell phones yet, don’t worry. We’ve got apps now. Brain Workshop is free mobile software you can use to boost your brainpower and you don’t need cell phones. But there is a download on Google Play for those who have an Android handset!

11. Math Genius Brain Trainer

Math Genius Brain Trainer

If you were going to work in a math-oriented area, you despised math classes as much as we did. Math improves logical reasoning and the ability to solve problems — it makes you smarter. This free software helps you to play math games without getting bored, which can further improve your skills.

12. Toggl

TogglTime management is a growing sore point for many smart people. Where’s the time go? Use this app to find out more. You just tell the app what you’re doing, activate the timer and stop it once you’re done. With this software, the hired mobile app developers make you able to manage your time better, and the basic version is free. If you want all the apps it’s only $5 a month.


The above-mentioned software management tools will help you improve and automate your Android smartphone. You won’t have to think about your handset lagging with any of those applications installed in your Mobile.

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