Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Instagram – a video and photos sharing application are now soon going to allow users to send direct messages through the web.

The website of Instagram does not look like to be that much instinctive as on its mobile application. The Instagram platform is clearly aimed at mobile users. It looks like it has a relatively scant desktop UI and small images given a real space on desktop i.e the images and videos just broaden up on the screen.

But as the change is for the greater good, Instagram tends to add more features to the web version of itself. For sure, the web app will be more useful after adding its new feature- adding DM’s to the web User Interface.

It is not too late when Jane Manchun Wong- a tech blogger who is known for her deep-diving into code to find hidden features, tweeted about “Instagram is working on direct messages for the desktop website”.

The reported feature would look like Facebook’s messenger for desktop web, as conveyed from the tweet of Jane Manchun Wong which was “ on Instagram direct for desktop web, thread information becomes a sidebar just like the messenger.”

She made three tweets with screenshots of the direct message box which stated: “ I managed to get the rest of Instagram direct for the desktop web to show up.”

Instagram To Add Direct Messages Feature
Well, Mark Zuckerberg- founder of Facebook announced that he plans to communicate between messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp down the aisle so it’s not surprising that the apps will share a similar UI in the future.
Web Users of Instagram will be very happy as this update will be a godsent gift for them. Earlier the web users mainly influencers, brand promoters used to go through the Instagram feed, liking pictures, commenting and searching popular influencers but could not directly contact them through messages from Instagram but now the added feature could really help web users to target new limits to their brands.
Instagram has already begun its testing in a total of 6 countries now.


Instagrams Earlier Update- Dark Theme:

Instagram recently updated its in-app feature- a dark theme for android and IOS. The app update does not provide an option to be toggled on or off but there are ways to set the dark theme for both IOS and android.

For ios-

1- Go to settings on the phone  display and brightness  set dark theme for Instagram.
2- Ask Siri to change the theme to dark.

Adjust the brightness level indicator in the control panel, to bring up the toggle switch option.

For android-

1- Go to settings select “dark theme” in the theme submenu.
It will change the theme to dark for the phone and for Instagram too.


Instagram’s updated feature of sending direct messages from the web can take Instagram and its users to new heights.
Enabling direct messages on the web can open new ways for people to promote their brands and be more socially active.

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