Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Recently in Brazil, Instagram has launched a new video editing tool that copies some of the well-known features of the TikTok application. The name of this video editing tool is Reels and it is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The tool is now available only in Brazil and there is no word about whether it will be launched in other countries or not, but if the tool achieved success then most probably it will available for every country.

The new video editing tool Reels allows users to record 15-second videos, Users can adjust the speed of the video, set the music clip in the background or borrow audio from other’s videos which were previously used. Using the audio from other user’s video is similar to the Duet feature available in the TikTok. Once users are done with the editing of the video they can share the videos into their Instagram stories and also directly share the video with your friends via DMs. Also, they can post their videos into a new section of Instagram’s Explore tab called Top Reels, where the company is also hoping that the best clips will go viral.


Instagram's Best feature of TikTok
It is a clever way of Instagram to influence its existing network of users to take on TikTok. Previously, Facebook has tried to clone the app’s success with a Lasso, but it is difficult to build a user base from scratch. Instagram also had great success with the tactic of copying Snapchat’s Stories feature.

From the recent release of the Reels tool, it is clear that Instagram is trying to steal the success of TikTok, but the company’s product management director, Robby Stein, told in an interview that there was more than one way to perform the same thing. He also said that no two products are the same as we thought, and at the end of the day sharing video with a music clip is a universal idea, and we assured that everyone will be interested in using this. The main focus has been on how to make it a unique format from others.

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From the previous report, it was reported that the new tool might be named Scenes after a similar feature was marked by Jane Manchun Wong, but now it seems that the Scenes is Reels. We all have known for a while that Facebook is very eager to counter the rise of TikTok by the launch of Lasso. In the launching event, Mark Zuckerberg also revealed that the company’s objective regarding the Chinese app TikTok. The CEO of Facebook also indicated then that Instagram would probably have to enroll in the fight against the new upstart. TikTok has short-form and immersive video with browse, so it is like the Explore Tab that we have on Instagram, said Zuckerberg.
Now it is certainly a good time for the competitor of TikTok to jump out. The app has seen huge growth, but now for TikTok the clock is ticking and the time comes to face some troubles from regulators.

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