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  • Respondent: Sudeep Bhatnagar
  • Company: Agicent App Company
  • Designation: CEO
  • Website:
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • LinkedIn CEO:

About CEO: Cofounded Agicent back in 2010 with a clear focus on creating a trusted agency for mobile and web development services for all size of startups. Sudeep supervises business acquisitions, mobility consulting, and team expansion functions at Agicent.

Questions for CEO 

1.How did you get the idea of starting an app development company?

Agicent – When we started, there were only a few professional companies dedicated to the mobile app development, we identified the gap area and created this company which is completely focused on creating modern mobile app solutions using latest technologies.

2. As your organization is known for its outstanding solution, what things you keep in mind to bring out the desired results?

Agicent – Following are a few major points we consider before initiating a project –

–      Understanding the target user behaviour and designing the user experience accordingly.

–      Dividing the project into small visible milestones for better quality control and tracking.

–      Defining every feature and flow to their finest of details so that we have the least reworks or leaked efforts during development.

3. What are the key services offered by your organization?

Agicent – Mobile apps development, iOS app development, android app development, react native development, full-stack web development, AI apps development, blockchain development, cross-platform app development, Game development (2D/ 3D).

4. Do you believe Blockchain can bring revolution to the app development industry?

Agicent – Yes, it can.

5. Can you enlighten us about the process you follow to develop a mobile app?

Agicent – Yes, the following is the brief description of the process –

Step 1 – Finalization of the scope of work, overall app’s goal, and user experience preference.

Step 2 – Creation of blueprint wireframes.

Step 3 – Creation of polished mock-ups depicting the app.

Step 4 – coding on the backend and front end in weekly sprints.

Step 5 – Releasing interim builds every week for tester and client.

Step 6 – Going live.

6.What challenges you have faced and how did you cope up with them to make your business successful?

Agicent – The challenges are as same as any other business would face namely reaching out to more clients, getting new business, hiring the right talent and every time we come over with these with some forecasting strategy, excellent team coordination, and our ability to utilize technologies across all our processes (sales, HR, development, accounts).

7. Can you tell us about the different engagement models that you offer to your clients?

Agicent – Fixed price development, T&M (weekly/ monthly) payment model, Hybrid model, and Dedicated offshore development team.

8. How many projects you have delivered so far and in which domains?

Agicent – More than 1000 apps across all domains, primarily Healthcare, fitness, Travel, medical, social, publishing, Industry, finance, games.

9. Is it possible to sustain in the market without implementing the latest innovations? Give your views.

Agicent –Very difficult, being in the technical industry and in the times when every other industry is using technology heavily it is difficult for any organization to survive the market without utilizing the latest technologies across all their processes.

10. Any advice you wish to give to all the entrepreneurs who are running their startup?

Agicent – Visualize long term goals but plan and execute short term achievable goals with consistency, these small achievements will add up to bigger goals eventually.

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