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Respondent: ANTHONY MAIN
Designation: Founder & Managing Director
Email id: [email protected]
Phone No: 01904 217171
Address: Cromwell House, 31 Micklegate,
York, YO1 6JH
LinkedIn Profile Of CEO:

Interview Questions


1. Give us a brief introduction to your company and how it became a market leader?

The Distance was founded to differentiate from the approach of the six agencies I worked for before I stepped out to work for myself. We pride ourselves in the business culture we have created in both our staff relationships and the partnerships we have with our customers.


2. Can you explain in detail about your essential services and development procedure?

We’re very proud to have focused our services purely on app development. We don’t claim to be an all-encompassing agency. We are technology partners that work with our clients to architect and deliver end-to-end app-based solutions. Using our in-house framework, The Core, we provide cross-platform mobile apps on iOS and Android and the back-end services and management systems to support them.


3. In this highly competitive market, what are some of the reasons that give you an edge over your competitors?

Our history in the industry and experience as one of the world’s top app developers speaks for itself; we have also developed our framework, The Core, which allows us to create bespoke mobile apps using our prebuilt set of modules and key features. We ensure the quality of this process using our 200+ point app development lifecycle.


4. After becoming a successful entrepreneur, how are your family and social life affected?

Being a leader is incredibly time-consuming, and it has always created compromises in my work-life balance. I guess the balance is the rewards that you can then benefit when running a successful business, while my free time is less, it is often better spent.


5. Share the greatest achievement of your company?

Reaching our 10th Anniversary of developing mobile apps was a huge milestone for us and something we are very proud of. Running a business isn’t easy, and getting to our 10th birthday was evidence of our sheer determination and focus.


6. What is your approach towards design principles and user experience in app development?

Design and user experience are incredibly important parts of the app development lifecycle. The creative UI of an app must meet the ability and expectations of the target audience. We undertake usability testing with potential customers during the Discovery process to validate both features and design concepts.

To ensure the UI’s quality, we based our designs on the Material Design and Human Interface guidelines provided by both Apple and Google themselves. They have invested a lot of time and money, ensuring the best HCI techniques become core principles of the app design process.


7. What is your opinion on – ‘App revolution that can make a huge difference in the technology world’?

Apps have already changed the face of both consumer and business life. As technology has improved, the quality and opportunity have vastly increased. Millions of new business opportunities have and will continue to become part of our daily routine, in both our work and personal lives.


The younger generations are already rejecting tablets and laptops in place of their smartphones. Therefore the future of business and entertainment needs to focus its future vision on this form factor.


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8. Describe the latest technologies and tools your company is planning to adopt?

We’ve also tried to staff on the cusp of new technologies. We embraced both React Native, GraphQL, and Serverless technologies once we were confident they were mature enough for production. They have helped deliver cost-effective yet cutting-edge apps for our customers. We anticipate using more cloud-based microservices, such as machine learning and AI, to further develop algorithms for the apps we write.


9. What is your opinion towards entering in wearable tech and IoT revolution?

While wearable tech seems to be wavering slightly, it’s clear that the opportunity it provides in both the health and fitness space is unquestionable. The more sensors added to the devices will enable watches to become a crucial part of tracking well-being. 


IoT tech will continue to revolutionize the world we live in; everything will eventually be connected as the cost of hardware has massively decreased. With the additional data that companies are then able to analyze from their devices, technology progression will be able to continue at an even faster pace.


10. Anything else you would like to share with our readers, startups, and upcoming entrepreneurs? 

The opportunities for app development are vast, but not an easy road to be successful. App owners should approach new business ideas carefully and embrace the support out there. We highly recommend checking out the recently launched Apptrepreneur Network for further support from other app owners.

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