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Interview Questions

1. Give us a brief introduction on your journey with Raindrops Info-Tech?

I started Raindrops Infotech, in 2012. 8 years through, Raindrops Infotech has proved its mettle having been recognized by major research firms – Clutch and GoodFirms in various categories like top web developers, top app developers, top designers, etc.

Raindrops Infotech has achieved multiple milestones since its inception, which includes:

  1. Achieving excellent client satisfaction and growth rate
  2. Winning hearts and accolades for its superior custom web development services
  3. Exponential growth in terms of team size, clientele, and presence across the globe
  4. Associating with and serving to multiple small and medium scale of industries

Being one of the most trusted names in the field of website development, Web design, and mobile apps development, we regularly work with clients who are looking for cutting edge solutions that cater to their specific industry demands.

2. What was the idea behind starting Raindrops Info-Tech?

We live in a digital age where each business demands excellent IT infrastructure, irrespective of its core industry. Existing enterprises are upgraded continuously on the technology front. At the same time, new companies are being launched every minute somewhere in the world in different industry verticals such as healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, energy, travel/hospitality, entertainment, logistics, real estate, etc.

Since most of these businesses don’t belong to the hardcore IT industry, they lack IT knowledge and IT infrastructure. Still, their business ideas are mostly technology-driven, and they can tap the market properly only when they can leverage the power of technology.

These businesses’ growth can be sky-rocketed if they are facilitated with adequate IT consultation and IT infrastructure to operate seamlessly. Raindrops Infotech’s objective is simple, to promote and facilitate world-class software solutions explicitly crafted for such businesses scattered across the globe.

3. What are your company’s business models? Do you have an in-house team or third party vendors/ outsourcing?

We have a passionate, friendly, and experienced in-house team. In case we don’t have a specialist necessary for a project, we recruit them at the client’s request. They cover all stages of the product development cycle from system analysis, wireframes to design, code implementation, quality assurance, and launch.

4. What industries Raindrops Info-Techgenerally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?

Industries that we have served: eLearning, Real Estate, On-Demand Solutions (Taxi, Healthcare, Haircuts, Pets, Food ordering and delivery, pets, babysitting, tow truck, etc.), Social Networking, Food ordering, Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment.

About the quality of services that we have to offer. Nearly 30% of our clients are repetitive with about 70% of into long-term partnerships with us, based on the various services that have been offered to them in the past.

5. Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid, or AngularJS languages?

I would go with Flutter – a hybrid language, why so? I had answered in your following questions.

6. What are your roles and responsibilities as the CEO of Raindrops Info-Tech?

My main role is to oversee the whole process of the business and see to it that the firm grows continually while at the same time offers the best-finished products for all clients. My skills include effective strategic planning, analyzing, forecasting, and budgeting for various projects, team building, in-depth development, and implementation of different types of IT procedures and policies. I also excel in all aspects of IT project management.

I also have great skills when it comes to communicating with others, and my adapting personality has enabled me to adjust to the changing trends with the industry in a better way. With my flexible style of work, I regularly collaborate with support teams and SMEs and project teams to provide them with the best solutions.

7. How vital is User Experience in your view? What are the key points a designer and developer team should remember during the development process?

No matter how best your web or mobile application is if its lost user experience then the whole hard work will go in vain, so it is compulsory to maintain easy user experience while using our product. So 100% agree with you that it must be eyecatching and easy to move.

Communication is a key and as we are following Agile methodology so it’s not that difficult to pinpoint any flaw in the system, even during the preparation of the wireframe. So for designer and developer, it is just that they both have the final objective of the product in mind then only he can design best and she can code it in a way that it will meet the client’s expectation.

8. How are your development services helpful from other companies in the market?

Normally, every company follows its own protocol, same true with my site, we used to follow Agile methodology, to be more specific scrum methodology, which will ensure that the final output is in expectation of client satisfaction.

Plus, I have almost 12 years of experience in the development which is a key to approach any complex problem. Experience has to play a broader role in any development when the client used to discuss their problems with us, we used to provide them enough guidance to overcome that issue, just not overcome but we make sure that the same problem will not arise once it is fixed.

9. Which mobile platform do you advise to your clients; Android or iOS, and why?

I would go with Flutter, the following reason why I choose this technology,

  1. Supported by a highly reputed firm that is Google, it has a vast SDK which will help the developer to solve N number of problems quickly and efficiently
  2. Cross-platform language so one resource can develop the app in Android and in IOS, so it not only saves the cost but time too.
  3. Layered architecture makes the app exceptionally expressive and renders search results faster

10. What are the challenges Raindrops Info-Techis currently facing?

Raindrops Infotech is a company that operates and runs on human capital. Finding like-minded and passionate teammates who can contribute to our clients’ success was initially a challenge, but after establishing brands, now it’s not super easy but quite easy to find good talent. Rather than limiting our teammates’ ability, we expanded our presence to connect, hire & retain the best technical talent.

Other than this, I would say challenges are an integral part of every growing business. Every time we face a challenge and overcome it with confidence, we become a better version of ourselves.

As the leader of Raindrops Info-Tech, a mobile app development company, what highs and lows have you experienced all this while?

As I mentioned earlier, my journey with Raindrops since its inception has been a roller coaster ride. It took me more than a couple of years to establish Raindrops Infotech as a leading website & mobile app development company

Talking about highs, in past I worked with Amazon Athena, now when I took this project, it was very young towards the Amazon platform but indeed we have successfully completed the web interface over the Amazon Athena technology. Also, weave a solid work portfolio on Upwork with 100% satisfaction of our client.

Talking about lows, its always been the other side of the coin, when you are new with any technology, you have to take the challenge in dark, majority time you got succeed but not in every case, but then you have a right opinion about that technology.


11. Any other final thoughts, advice, or comments you want to share with start-ups?

There is always a befitting technology for your start-up, figure that out and blow the world. Having a good understanding of technology and applying it in your start-up is not a privilege, but a need in today’s era. All the best for the future!

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