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Respondent: Rajat Lala
Company: SoluLab
Designation: CTO
Website: www.solulab.com
Email Id: [email protected]
LinkedIn CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajatlala/

About SoluLab CEO

As a co-founder at SoluLab Inc., he ensures smooth technology transformations, client engagements, and value propositions. Prior to turning a full-time entrepreneur, he worked as a Lead Engineer with Citrix for enterprise mail client for Mobile Apps Platforms.

1. Please introduce your company and your role within the company.

SoluLab is an award-winning Blockchain development company having a development center in Ahmedabad, India. We are a team of experienced developers, project managers, technical experts, and passionate people who aim at delivering the best solutions to clients across the globe. We have huge expertise in web, mobile, and software solutions for start-ups and enterprises. Being the founder of the company, I focus on the growth and high effectiveness of the deliverables.

2. Can you describe your journey with your organization?

We started in 2015 with a team of 10 employees and delivered 18 projects successfully in the first year. We are now a team of 150+ professionals including designers, developers, engineers, quality analysts, project managers, and others.

3. What business models do you offer to your clients?

We offer flexible business engagement models to the clients so that they can choose the right one matching their requirements and budget. The three major types of business models are Fixed price model, Time and Material Model, and dedicated resources approach. We have hourly billing, part or full-time engagement model if clients want to hire dedicated resources. Our company can also provide a fixed cost based on the clients’ requirements.

4. With frameworks like React Native, ionic and Flutter are gaining noteworthy popularity, how do you predict the future of mobile app development?

With such modern frameworks and technologies, the popularity of “all things mobile” will continue to grow in the coming few years. With the increasing use of mobile devices, apps have become an inseparable part of our daily lives, and so, there is a growing need for mobile apps for small and large businesses.

5. Will AI influence the future of app development?

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation, intelligent systems and machines, and other modern technologies bring in a lot of advancements in the digital field. It is a revolutionary and fascinating wing that is shaping the future of app development. AI helps people make better and informed decisions using data and precision. Thanks to the IoT technology, connected devices, and speedier automated systems that have been transforming the transportation, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, ecommerce, and customer service industry.

6. Which is the one thing that most of the app development companies do?

Most of the app development companies evaluate the clients’ requirements and then provide the solutions based on their own company’s benefit. That’s where we stand out. We put our customers first and offer the best mobile app development services to help their business grow. We never mislead the clients or overcharge them for app development.

7. How does it feel to be the best in the mobile app development sector and what steps do you think led to such an achievement?

With an aim to deliver high-quality solutions to the clients, we listen to our customers and deliver the best value. We leave no stone unturned to help the clients get the maximum return for investment no matter what their requirements may be.

8. What is the good and the bad thing in the world of app marketing?

I think that competition in the app marketing is getting tougher day by day. As the users become mobile-savvy, the organizations need to build apps that make their lives easier. Enterprises need to come up with unique and innovative features to attract users.

9. Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs or future mobile app marketing companies

The world of intelligent systems demands innovative tools and technologies for building future-ready mobile apps. Keep an eye on the latest industry trends to stay ahead in the race.

10. What strategies do you bear in mind before getting to work?

We take into account the customers’ business requirements and objectives first. We understand the target audience before developing any mobile app. Our team pays special attention to the user experience of the apps we develop.

11. How is your product development methodology different from your competitors?

We use Agile methodology for product development and send regular updates to the clients. The incremental and iterative approach helps mobile app developers respond to customers’ requirements faster. Agile also helps to improve the collaboration between our teams and clients, reducing the lead time. We deliver high-performance mobile apps matching the clients’ requirements.

12. Any additional thing you would like to share or add?

There are millions of apps on the Apps store. You need to think out of the box and come up with innovative mobile app development ideas for your first app. Try to conduct an online research and get all the information about app development.


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