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  • Respondent: Ashesh Shah
  • Company:Fusion Informatics Limited
  • Designation: CEO
  • Website: https://www.fusioninformatics.com
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Phone No: +91-79-4000 9210
  • Address: 501, New York plaza, Opp. Judges bunglow, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380 054
  • LinkedIn CEO : https://www.linkedin.com/in/asheshdshah/


About CEO :

Mr. Ashesh Shah majorly manages Client Relations, Corporate Communications, Brand Reputation Management, Public Relations, Business Operations, Finance and Business Development. He provides strategic directions whether it’s marketing or sales, thereby adding value to overall business functions. His diverse knowledge and skills helps him to carry out strategic consulting in digital transformation which helps businesses to make decisions on how to tap into the power of  emerging technologies such as Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, etc.

1.  What is your organization about and what do you do there?

Technocrats with diversified exposure

Fusion Informatics was established in 2000 as a digital IT partner and has been known to provide advanced solutions to up-and-coming start-ups, large and small enterprises and businesses. Fusion Informatics is recognized as a trusted global mobile and web development company located in India, UAE, and the USA region. This helps enterprise systems and drives income through innovative digital transformation like Enterprise Mobility, IoT app Development, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Development.

2. What business model does your organization follow- outsourcing or in-house?


We believe in performing all the tasks within our company and not rely on outsourcing. This helps us to maintain a flexible environment where it is ensured that all our employees have an exceptional understanding of the business.

3. What development process does your company follow

 traditional or agile development process

Our company follows a hybrid combination of waterfall and agile development process. Hence, with an extended iteration of development and testing in the development process through the agile process, and with the sequential design process of the waterfall development, we make sure that the whole process is fast and efficient.

4. What are the pre-launch and post-launch services that you provide? 

Services like Discover Sprint and Design Sprint are provided as pre-launch services where time is specifically dedicated to specific problems and hence solutions are provided. This enables us to design, prototype and test ideas with our clients. Post- launch services include support and maintenance and digital marketing services.

5. How do you decide the composition of the team for each project? 

Each project is inclusively handled based on the complexity, length and the experience of the team members in their respective fields. It is made sure that our team members are given equal opportunities to showcase their abilities in each project.

6. Do you provide some wireframes of the project for free?

Yes, we provide wireframes if it is posed as a requirement by our client.

7. How do you tackle requirement changes during the development process?

During the development process, we put the requirements into the backlog and based on the importance and impact of those changes, we decide when to develop these changes.

8. What is the mode of communication within the team and externally with the organization you work with? 

We mostly believe in directly communicating within the team as it brings clarity. But we also prefer using Skype, Lark and Zoom when it is not possible to communicate directly. To contact people externally we use Feedcamp, Emails, Zoom, Jira and Slack.

9. What percentile of your clients are repetitive? 

99% of our clients are repetitive based on the various services that have been offered to them in the past.

10. What are the key factors that you consider before finalizing an amount for the project?

Before finalising the project it is important to contemplate the number of resources and efforts required for the same with market price. It is also important to consider the Front-End user interface, Backend Technologies, Integration, Data Security and Scalability to have a fully compatible and functional project.

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