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Respondent: Volodymyr Gorovyi
Company: GBKSOFT
Designation: CEO at GBKSOFT
Email Id: [email protected]
LinkedIn CEO :

About CEO:

As a senior level mobile and web engineering expert, professional manager, creative and born leader — Volodymyr is a kind of person you can trust and rely on!

Questions for CEO

1. Tell us something about your company and your responsibilities within it?

GBKSOFT is a web and mobile software development company that unites 100+ different professionals ready to make even the boldest clients’ ideas real. I am one of the founders of GBKSOFT and now carry out CEO duties. I think my main role now is to be a creative and understanding leader who is able to set the right direction for the whole big team. I prefer not only to control working processes but also actively participate in them.

2. What was the idea behind starting this association?

The story of GBKSOFT began in 2011. There were only 4 of us and yet we managed to successfully complete 20 projects. We were just young and inspired guys, interested in development and technologies, constantly learning something and trying to make the best out of our knowledge and skills. From the very beginning we set ourselves a core mission – always strive to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients and always meet their business needs.

3. What are the vital services you give to your customers?

Our core services include web development, mobile development and design. We offer a full development cycle starting with the consulting stage and ending with project delivery and maintenance. Our team can build high-quality apps for iOS, Android and even for Wearables. We also offer on-demand apps development and UI & UX design services. We have worked with clients from different business spheres and know firsthand how to make a product that will satisfy all their needs.

4. What’s your tactic in making intuitive UX/UI of applications and sites?

The design is not only an eye-catching picture that attracts users (although of course, it is the main purpose of it), it is a powerful tool with its own functions. While creating a design we always pay attention to such important factors as the loading speed, responsiveness, optimization for all devices and high quality of UI. The design should be recognizable and visually appealing, and yet remain intuitive.

5. Clarify how your team conveys and functions cooperatively?

As of now, we have offices in 2 different cities and a big in-house team that is constantly growing. It may seem that it’s difficult to establish communication and cooperation being in two different parts of the country, but in fact, it is not. We use Slack so that our team members can communicate in real-time. We create various boards in Trello that help us streamline processes. And what’s more important, we use Scrum and Jira to track all issues and working time and to manage projects. I can say for sure that our team members are well connected and don’t feel any inconvenience.

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6. Enlighten us about the way your organization handles the project from beginning till the end.

Our company uses Scrum to manage all projects. We know firsthand how to organize working processes so that they can be maximally effective and bring the best time results. We divide the scope of work into sprints (one sprint is usually 2 weeks) and in the process, we have sprint plannings, daily meetings, retrospectives, and sprint reviews.  After each sprint we get a certain part of the project done and keep working like this until the whole project is ready.

7. What is your association’s business model? Is it a third-party vendor or in house team?

At the moment our team consists of in-house specialists only. We always count on our tech takes and know for sure that they have enough skills and experience to complete all projects, even the most complicated and big ones, without outsourcing. We can only resort to outsourcing if an urgent need arises and there is a lack of expertise in a particular field of project development (which happens very rarely).

8. Give your perspectives on how far this mobile application rebellion can bring a change in this digital world?

Mobile devices and apps, without doubt, can both be called the powerful engine of technological progress. Our company keeps up with the latest app development trends. However, our main development vector is aimed at smart wearables and IoT technology which will allow to automatically manage many daily tasks without using the smartphones. Our Business Analytics monitors the latest trends and IT advancements so that our company can always be one step ahead.

9. Depict your future potential and vision about new advancements, for example, Blockchain and IoT applications?

These technologies have a huge potential to skyrocket in the near future. Blockchain-based platforms and systems can support such profound industries as Trading, Investment, Insurance, Retail, etc. Blockchain allows us to renounce the use of numerous papers and it is, in fact, more secure. IoT apps help to establish a smarter environment and, therefore, embrace the future. At the moment we are concentrated on deeper technology understanding and developing high-quality IoT solutions for wearables, smart homes and even smart cities.

10. What are the key factors that you mull over in choosing an application’s price?

There are several crucial factors that you should take into account when setting a price for an app. You should evaluate the functionality and complexity of the project, understand how many team members will be involved in the development and what deadline is set by a client. The security requirements and release models also influence the final cost.

We understand that some clients may not have any specific technical background, and need an explanation and proof that our price is justified by the amount of work and its complexity. Some processes that seem minor to a client, in fact, maybe holistic and require many specialists to complete them. Since we are a client-oriented company, we always try to strike a compromise and offer the most suitable solution for the client’s business.
Thank you!

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