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1. About Quick SEO Help CEO.

My name is Haresh and I am a passionate Online Marketer from India. My interest in SEO got ignited 16 years back and since then, I am in love with the dynamic nature of digital marketing and SEO. A couple of years back I started a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. We started Quick SEO Help with the aim of helping offline small businesses/startups to take their business digitally.


2. How did you get the whole idea to start your own digital marketing company?  

I spent the initial 12 years of my life working for many companies as a part of their digital marketing team. From setting up their websites to take its RoI 2X and 3X through SEO and digital marketing, the learning curve has been very steep.

But, coming from a business family I always wanted to start something on my own. That’s how Quick SEO Help came into existence.

Our intention now is to replicate the same success for our clients and glad that we’re already on that path.


3. Take us through the initial phase of your career, your struggles, and how you managed to cope up with it?

Back then digital marketing as education was unheard of. Like most young engineers I was clueless where to begin from. I started with odd jobs like door-to-door sales. Initially, I struggled to find my true calling. But when I introduced myself to SEO, I found that my deep interest lies in there. I usually rely on a lot of hit-and-trial approaches. Some things work out some don’t that keeps me motivated to cope up with day-to-day hustle.


4. Tell us about one of your most effective campaigns. What made them so effective?

I’ll tell you a story about my client who has a Bathroom Accessories shop in the UK. 3 Years back, Google had penalized its website due to a lot of spammy SEO. And he saw a major fall in top-performing keywords ranking. Needless to say, it had affected his sales revenue. He asked me to move this site to a different domain. But I took it as a challenge and convinced him that we can work on the same website and get the ranking back. Within 6 months, we got the website recovered from the Google penalty, most of the keywords ranking was back and it led to a jump of 45% in sales revenue. The difficult part was to figure out the reason for getting penalized by Google and how to get rid of it in minimal time. I am proud that my team has done it within such a short time.


5. Tell us about your marketing team and their roles?

Right now, our marketing team is 20+ people strong and consists of Content Writers, Social Media Manager, Technical SEO expert, paid campaigns manager, and of course SEO experts.


6. What engagement model do you offer to your clients?

We follow the High Touch Post On boarding engagement model. The customer is generally on boarded online, but the ongoing success of the account is managed with a high touch customer success manager (CSM).


7. Can you enlighten us about the digital marketing process your team follows?

I follow this approach:

  1. Research – A thorough Site Audit of the clients’ website and their Competitors Analysis
  2. Planning – Align research with business goals and capabilities. Identity the key strategies and set up KPIs
  3. Implement – Create and implement strategies at full capacity
  4. Measure – Measure the Goals vs Achieved
  5. Optimize – Report on goals and refine the strategies that increase the productivity of input > output.


8. COVID-19 has impacted the entire economy. How is your organization dealing with this challenge?

Oh, it’s everywhere. COVID-19 has impacted the entire economy and so does our business. In the first 2-month, we did see a big drop in regular business inquiries that flowed in. Of course, we survived with the in-hand projects. We utilized the extra time and revamped our website, making the User Interface much better. With the passing time, the good thing happened that the small businesses that had less or almost no online presence started working with us to take their business online.


9. What do you think about the significance of digital marketing companies in the market? 

At one-point digital marketing was just a new and another way to market. But within the past 5-8 years, the importance of digital marketing has become something else. It’s become an integral part of what a business is to its customers. It’s no longer enough to have a website or run some un-focused Ads campaign. Don’t have integrated digital marketing strategies working for your business? Time is working against you because of it.


10. What feedback do you get from your clients? Are they encouraging? 

Be it positive or negative, clients’ feedback is always encouraging. We are glad that we constantly receive social accolades on service reviews sites like Goodfirms, These reviews have gained us some new clients too.

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11. What is the worst and best side of being the CEO of a digital marketing company?

After spending many years working in the world of SEO, digital marketing, and a few places in between, I love the freedom I have as the CEO of my own company. I set my own schedule, choose the types of clients and projects I want to work with, define the strategies for the business. As the CEO of a digital marketing agency, it’s so rewarding to see other small companies take off due to the work we do.

With all that comes the inability to step away from it all. My job requires me to be available at any time, especially since we work for international clients working in different time zones. Even when I’m on vacation, I have to check emails many times a day, so I can’t ever turn my work mind off.

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