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1. Can you tell us about the company’s mission and your role within it?

Appetizer specializes in web and mobile app development. As a team, we’re dedicated to helping companies transform their ideas into world-class digital products through design and development. We also offer growth marketing, which includes increasing brand awareness, acquiring users, and generating revenue for our clients.

Unlike other development companies, we don’t stop at making apps. We provide the building blocks that help SMEs become successful leaders in mobile technology and their respective industries.

I’m a Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Appetiser. My tasks include: mentoring the sales team by shadowing them on calls; working with marketing by attending content catch-ups, giving my feedback, and making sure I have time for weekly one-on-ones; and attending strategic meetings with clients to ensure that their projects are running smoothly.

2. What business model does your organization follow? Outsourcing or in-house?

All our teams — from marketing to production and development — are in-house. We started as a small team based in Melbourne. A few short years later, we are now over 100 strong with some fantastic talent from across the globe.

3. What are the services that you provide to your clients?

We provide both web and mobile app development services, but we don’t just develop their apps and move on. A large part of our service is also to help nurture and grow apps as well. A win for our clients is a win for us too.

Before we officially launched Appetiser, my Co-Founder, Michael, and I agreed that the synergy of design, marketing, and tech is what catapulted many of the most influential companies in the industry to success. That’s why we decided to build a company that provides a complete suite of services in design, development, and growth through marketing.

4. How do you decide the cost of a project?

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the cost of a project. Some of the main factors we take into consideration are the number of features, integrations, design requirements, and estimated hours needed. That’s why before providing clients with quotations, we make sure we get a grasp of the entire project and scope of work.

Everyone knows that app development comes at a premium, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t work with clients with a set budget in mind. Of course, coming in with a strict budget may come with limitations. But our clients can rest assured that we never compromise on quality.

5. What services do you provide?

We’ve never limited ourselves to a particular industry. As long as we see that your app idea is viable, we will help build it with you. To date, we’ve already developed apps for clients in mobile safety, rental management, aged care, dating, eCommerce, cost estimating, and more.

Because our team’s range of experience is so diverse, we don’t have a preferred industry. We love having the opportunity to make a difference in every niche and industry our clients belong to.

6. What are the platforms your company is an expert in?

We develop web apps and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Our developers at Appetiser are experts PHP, VueJS, Swift, Kotlin, Java, and Objective C. Having a diverse team of coding language experts allows us to work on all kinds of projects.

7. How do you manage the team selection process for a project, and do you delegate tasks based on their experience?

Absolutely! We find the best fitting team member for a project based on their experience and expertise. Since we work across many industries, we find we can do this exceptionally well. That’s why we made sure to hire a diverse set of individuals who are masters of their fields.

Aside from merely splitting our development team into the web, Android, and iOS, we also know what coding language each of them specializes in. Understanding each team member’s specialty makes it easy for us to determine who is the perfect fit for a project.

8. What percentage of your clients are repetitive?

About 80% of our clients are repeat clients. Some clients come to us after releasing their apps to enlist our help with marketing and growth. We also have clients who come to us initially for web development, then approach us later on to build their mobile app.

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9. What is the mode of communication between the project manager and the development team?

Since most of our development team works remotely, we rely on tools like Zoom and Google Meet for weekly stand-ups and alignments. We use Slack as our daily tool for communication and collaboration across team members. There is always an open line between project managers, developers, and clients to make sure we are all on the same page every step of the way.

10. Do you maintain the post-app launch services, and how much do you cost for it?

This is entirely optional. But we have proactive, continuous improvement and growth services that start from only $1,000 per month for existing clients. The package includes ongoing support, maintenance, UX improvements, feature add-ons, and more.

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