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Respondent: Vasily Malyshev
Company: Messapps
Designation: CEO
Website: https://messapps.com/
Email Id: [email protected]
LinkedIn CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasilymalyshev/

About Messapps CEO:

Though a lawyer by trade, Vasily Malyshev found his passion for mobile tech, self-taught design and development. He is the founder of Messapps, one of the top New York app development companies. Today, in addition to working with Messapps, Vasily is also teaching app development and marketing at New York University and regularly invests in other tech startups.

1. Can you enlighten us about the history and progression of your company?

Messapps is a New York-based mobile app development, design, and consulting company launched in 2013. Messapps have worked on more than 100 applications for companies all over the U.S. that include startups, universities, and Forbes 500 companies. Last year we did worldwide app development online contest Appic with a
grand-prize – an app developed for free, this year we’ll do it again and hope it will even get bigger.

2. What are the vital services that your offer to your clients, and in which industries?

We offer Android & iPhone App Design and Development, App Store Optimization, App Marketing, App Maintenance, and App Design. We serve any legal industry; it depends on our clients’ needs.

3. How vital UI/UX design in the entire process of mobile app development?

Well, I think that today with all this high competition in the app market we can’t underestimate the role of good design. I mean that when you first open the app, a useful UI can catch your eye, and then quality UX may hold you in the app.
I saw a lot of good-idea apps with such a not-user-friendly design, so you just can’t use them properly.

4. What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Messapps is not a very big company, so we have a lot more like family relationships in our team. Everyone understands their place in project development and each one does his or her own part of work the best way possible. It not only allows us to create good-quality products but also helps to form strong and clear relationships with our clients.

5. How do you think the upcoming technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR, and more can make a difference in the development world?

Some say that the hype over the blockchain is going down, but 2019 shows us that this technology allows us to optimize various processes, from economic and logistic departments in any type of company to various public services in some countries.

Talking about AR/VR, it obviously has totally changed the entertainment world. Besides, it gave a huge leap in development for the e-commerce industry.

If we talk about new formats, in my opinion, a voice user interface will play a significant role this year. Today we can’t imagine our life without voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.. Speech recognition in other apps allows users to save time, which is always lacking in the modern world.

6. What constitutes the chief design decisions in mobile app development processes in your perspectives?

Here in Messapps, we create a new design based on several things. We do the competitor and target audience analysis to determine the main concept. Of course, we follow current trends, although its implementation in the app design depends on researches that we conduct and the type of business our client has. And last but not least, we take into account the client’s vision of the app and combine all of the above factors together.

7. Tell us about your strategy to keep your clients happy and satisfied?

Thanks to our experience, we can help to evolve an idea or make an application much better than originally planned. We love and value our customers, so we try to work in partnership with them so that the final product meets their expectations as much as possible. During the whole development process, we provide our clients with clear and up-to-date information on the status of the project. And the final chord is a brand new good quality app at the end of the process.

8. Any advice that you want to give to the startups and SMEs who are looking for a development partner?

In today’s digital world, there’s no need to look for a developer near your home. You may choose the best one from wherever. My advice is to go through reviews and portfolios carefully. Contact a developer via phone – during the call, you may have a better understanding if he suits you or not.

9. What are the significant challenges that you have faced so far? How did you handle them?

Just like any other company, we have faced a lot of challenges at the beginning of our journey. One of the biggest was the hiring of a skilled and talented team. However, we gradually got some extremely experienced people. Also, our vision wasn’t as clear as it is today. But, now, we have become one of the trusted companies globally.

10. What business engagement models you provide to your clients? Tell us in brief.

• Time and Material – Agile Team

This is an ideal model for the customers looking for a team to administer and provide a complete project for them. Here, the client works personally with the knowledgeable Project Manager to generate a high-level development plan that can be offered in slighter sprints. After the consent, these sprints would be given by a competent Agile team.

• Hire-A-Developer Model

This model is perfect for the customers who might have a current team in place and that they can increase as required or are searching for a small group, perhaps for a rapid MVP or a small project.

• Build-Operate-Transfer – BOT Model

The BOT model is for the companies that might like to have their team for the long-term. Here, we recognize and hire accurate resources, particularly for the client, as well as the client associates in the hiring.

• Waterfall Model – Fixed Scope, Time, and Cost

The Waterfall model is ultimate for companies that having a distinct set of needs. Here, our deliverables are based on a needed document like SRS (Software Requirements Specification) that offers us clearness on the range of the work.

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