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• Respondent: Hiral Atha
• Company: MoveoApps
• Designation: CEO
• Website: www.moveoapps.com
• Email Id: [email protected]
• LinkedIn CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiralatha/

1. Let’s begin with the introduction of your company and your role there.

MoveoApps is a full-stack mobile app and web development company specializing in native and hybrid apps, web apps and design. As a company that firmly believes in the power of technology in changing the world, we develop solutions that help startups and businesses maximize their potential, productivity, and bottom-line.
As the CEO of a rapidly growing company, I play a gamut of roles in here, donning several hats at a time. From defining the brand’s vision and growth strategy to driving revenue, project management, team building, and corporate development, I work closely with my team every step of the way.

2. What was the idea knocks into your mind for starting this company?

We started MoveoApps with the primary goal of helping businesses develop custom mobile solutions and interactive websites that help them grow their business, improve their processes and invent newer revenue streams. We succeed by making our clients succeed and hence, we built MoveoApps to create a symbiotic technological landscape where we use technology to empower businesses. Despite the abundance of apps in app stores, we felt an urgent need for innovative solutions that marry design and code brilliantly to produce mobile apps that are as functional as they are beautiful. And that is where MoveoApps rose from.

3. What are the primary services your organization provides to your clients?

We are a complete design and development house that caters to a range of app and web solutions. From exceptional websites that drive traffic to native mobile apps for iOS and Android, hybrid app development for cross-platform deployment using latest frameworks like React Native and Flutter, web, and app designing, customized graphics and page design and everything in between. We consult businesses on how to grow their digital presence to boost business results and work together to develop their mobile strategy.

4. What’s your strategy in creating interactive UX/UI of apps and websites?

At the chain end of every business is a customer looking for a solution to a problem – a way to do something better, faster or easier. With that in focus, we take the time to really sit down with our clients and understand everything about their business. We want to know where they are coming from and where they’re heading. Once we have a deep understanding of their goals with our product, we begin by designing for the end-user in mind. We use top of the line tools like InVision and Sketch. We’ve invested heavily in building a team of the most skilled and experienced UI/UX designers who understand human expectations for technology and can execute it to perfection.

5. Explain how your team connects and works cooperatively?

We are a close-knit team with all-out designers and developers working under one roof. The communication channels are always open and the exchange of ideas is a continuous process. We adopt the agile methodology to ensure every team member is looped in at every stage and uses the latest collaborative tools like InVision, Jira, Basecamp, and Trello to streamline the process from top to bottom. Most importantly, the team always starts off a project with a joint session where everyone clearly understands the key product goals and strives to execute that vision to perfection.

6. Tell us how your company manages projects from completion to handover!

What begins with a careful analysis of the client brief and product goal leads to a joint team session where we adopt an agile process to reach the desired end. First comes the design sprint consisting of the wireframes, prototypes and mockups and then the development using the most suitable technology depending on project goals and client requirements. We like to keep our milestones small and loop in the client and multiple stages, ensuring complete satisfaction. Once the project is complete, we provide a complete handover of rights along with a 90-day free maintenance policy with no questions asked.

7. What is your organization’s business model– third party vendors/outsourcing or in house team?

We are a complete in-house team. We believe in giving the client a single point of contact to keep the development process complete homogeneous to achieve the desired perfection of the product.

8. Will this mobile app transformation can bring a difference in the technology era? What are your views?

Mobile technology has changed the world for good and humanity is never going back to being wired to a desk. Mobile apps are precisely the thing that has driven this transformation, allowing everyone from businesses to end-users to work and play on the go. Nobody remembers the last time they drove to a bank or stood in a line to book a ticket. Apps are nifty little solutions residing in our pockets, packing in a world of efficiency. The global app revenue in 2019 crossed a whopping $120 billion. From life-saving healthcare to life-changing education, apps are everything this world needs and more!

9. Describe your future approach and perception about new technologies, such as Blockchain & IoT apps?

Blockchain and IoT have indeed opened doors to a whole new level of sophistication in mobile technology. Wearable devices are connected to IoT, connecting them to your smartphone via an app that is, in turn, monitored via Blockchain, weaving a web of connectivity providing a truly seamless experience with the highest level of security and accountability. AI and ML have already made a strong presence. These new technologies are the next new frontier in tech.

10. What are the basic scenarios you consider ahead for choosing the price of an application?

From a development viewpoint, determining the price of an app is a fairly subjective matter. While most apps require certain standard features and deliverables like registration/login, in-app purchases, user profiles, search and push notification among others. Apart from these standard features, different apps require different features involving various levels of complexity, API integrations and much more. What the client wants determines what development costs. Choice of the platform, time to market, client’s budget, post-deployment support and a number of other factors make a difference.

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