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Respondent: Saranraj
Company: Nextbrain Technologies
Designation: CEO
Website: www.nextbrainitech.com
Email id: [email protected]
Address:  Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
LinkedIn CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saranrajcm/

About CEO of Nextbrain Technologies:

Mr. Saranraj is the experienced Chief Executive Officer with a history of working in the Web and Mobile app development industry. A strong business development professional focused on Business, Management, Marketing having profound knowledge in Android app development, E-commerce, and Business Analysis.

1. Introduce your company and your role within the organization?

About the company
Nextbrain Technologies is the top mobile app development company in India started with a team of 5+ employees in 2016. We offer Web and Mobile app development, UX design, Digital marketing services and best business growth strategies for startups, medium-sized companies, and enterprises. We have completed 150+ projects having many satisfied clients all across the world.

Being the CEO of the company, I have 11 years of experience working with various startups and many top brands. I gathered an expertise in the field of Web and Mobile applications, UX designing and Digital marketing. I handle the client queries, analyse their project requirements and assign tasks to the employees in our company. I also provide proper guidance to the employees, clarify their doubts, coordinate all the teams and supervise each and every team in completing their assigned tasks.

2. What is your organization’s business model- in house team or third-party vendors?

Our organization’s business model is the In-house team as we have the design, development, testing, marketing, business development and marketing teams all under one roof. We have all the necessary resources within the organization to handle your project.

3. Which development process do you follow- agile or the traditional process?

Our company follows the agile methodology to build customized and unique web and mobile applications. While completing the project, we follow continuous iteration of development and testing to achieve desired results.

4. What are the services that are included in the development process?

Our team of software experts analyze your product requirements, wireframing and UX designing. Then, our team of experienced software developers will develop, test, and deploy robust applications. We assist support and maintenance for your product even after the deployment.

5. What is the composition of the team for every project?

We have separate teams for each and every work like Mobile app development team (iOS and Android), Web development team, QA Testing team, UX design team, Digital marketing team, and Business development team. Depending on the project requirements, the necessary employees will be allotted to complete the assigned tasks related to the project within the given deadlines.

6. Do you develop some wireframes for the project- before hiring your organization?

Our software development team starts with analysing your product requirements and provides an SRS proposal. We also develop some wireframes for your project to provide clear ideas about your project requirements, project goals and estimated deadlines. We provide some wireframes before hiring our organization

7. What are your approach to user experience and design principles in app development?

We follow a design strategy and make a deep analysis of the end-user requirements. Then we make research to gather all the required information and start the design process. Our services include User research, UX design, UI design, Usability testing, Interaction design, and Front-end development.

8. Do you submit the app to app stores?

Our highly skilled software developers build an application with all the desired functionalities and finally launch the app by connecting your app and the end-users in Play Store or the App Store.

9. Do you maintain the app post-launch?

Even after launching your app, our team of experienced software developers provides post launch services, as your app may require some quick bug fixing or any other additional features.

10. What is the mode of communication internally and externally with the owner and within the team?

We offer free support and will always be available to clarify your queries. Our business development team will always be available to our clients on phone, email, and skype or any other mode of communication as requested by our clients.

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