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Share complete name, phone number, address, email id, and website of Your Business & Contact Person.

Respondent: Saksham Agarwal

Company: Acropolis Infotech (P) Limited

Designation: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


Email Id: [email protected]

Phone No: +91 9999 8765 94

Address: 55, Lane 2, Westend Marg, Saidullajab, Saket, New Delhi – 110030, India

LinkedIn CEO :


Interview Questionnaire- CEO-Saksham Agarwal


1. Give us a brief introduction on your journey with Acropolis Infotech?

A journey so far with Acropolis has been a roller coaster ride. However, the growth graph of our clients (and hence ours) has always been exponential. We started back in 2016 with the least available resources. Within four years, we are already a team of 200+ technical professionals & consultants. They have been working & growing together while operating from different parts of the world in different time zones.

Acropolis Infotech has achieved multiple milestones since its inception, which includes:

(i) Achieving excellent client satisfaction and growth rate

(ii) Winning awards and accolades for its superior custom software development services

(iii) Exponential growth in terms of team size, clientele, and presence across the globe

(iv) Associating with and serving to multiple fortune 500 companies

(v) Impaneled as an exclusive development service vendor with certain tech giants.


2. What was the idea behind starting Acropolis Infotech?

We live in a digital age where each business demands excellent IT infrastructure, irrespective of its core industry. Existing enterprises are upgraded continuously on the technology front. At the same time, new companies are being launched every minute somewhere in the world in different industry verticals such as healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, energy, travel/hospitality, entertainment, logistics, real estate, etc.

Since most of these businesses don’t belong to the hardcore IT industry, they lack IT knowledge and IT infrastructure. Still, their business ideas are mostly technology-driven, and they can tap the market properly only when they can leverage the power of technology.

These businesses’ growth can be sky-rocketed if they are facilitated with adequate IT consultation and IT infrastructure to operate seamlessly. Acropolis’ objective is simple, to promote and facilitate world-class software solutions explicitly crafted for such businesses scattered across the globe.


3. How is your business model helpful from a value-added viewpoint to the clients compared to other companies’ business models?

Acropolis Infotech not just focuses on software development solutions, but focuses explicitly on mobility based ‘customized’ software development solutions tailored to clients’ business processes. We pay attention to the detailing because every business is unique, and therefore the software solutions cannot be generalized. Instead, the solutions must be tightly tailored to complement the business processes.

We offer an equilibrium among timeline, cost, and quality that enable our clients to scale up their IT infrastructure with the build-as-you-grow model.


4. Which mobile platform do you suggest to your clients; Android or iOS, and why?

It thoroughly depends on multiple factors, such as:

(i) Who will be the end-users of the app?

(ii) What will be the target geography where the app is expected to be used?

(iii) Budget

(iv) Current and future goals of the app, etc.

Usually, if a client has a fair budget and wishes to get their app downloaded by users from across the world/significant parts of the world, we suggest them to get the app developed for both the platforms – Android and iOS.

Similarly, many of our clients have a dilemma of whether to stick with mobile apps or get apps developed for iPad/Android Tablets, wearable gadgets (Such as smartwatch), etc. The factors mentioned above help conclude all such confusions.


5. As a mobile app development agency, what tips would you offer to your clients looking to get better ROI?

The tips would be endless, but some of the essential factors to reap better ROI are:

1. Analytics is everything. Make sure your app is recording the analytics carefully, and you are analyzing the recordings regularly.

2. Calculate customer lifetime value with the help of recorded analytics

3. Know your overall cost, including R&D cost, design, development & deployment cost, and post-deployment costs

4. Understand that not all users are the same


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6. Let us know the communication mode you mostly use to connect with your clients?

We understand that communication is the key. We are available across multiple communication channels such as:

a. Skype: Acropolis.infotech

b. Phone Call: +1 716 393 8486

c. WhatsApp: +91 9999 8765 94

d. Hangout: [email protected]

e. Email: [email protected]

We are also open to establish communication with our clients via personalized communication channels such as zoom or other such communication tools. Also, anyone can schedule a meeting with us using the link:


7. Do you have the complete in-House team of developers, or you outsource your projects?

We have a complete in-house team of developers, currently operating with 4 ODCs (Offshore Development Centres) in Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Mumbai, and headquarters in New Delhi. We also have associate offices situated in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands. We are in the process of setting up our next associate office in UAE.


8. What are the challenges Acropolis Infotech is currently facing?

Acropolis is a company that operates and runs on human capital. Finding like-minded and passionate teammates who can contribute to our clients’ success was initially a challenge, but setting up multiple ODCs in different cities has helped us overcome this challenge. Rather than limiting our teammates’ ability, we expanded our presence to connect, hire & retain the best technical talent.

Other than this, I would say challenges are an integral part of every growing business. Every time we face a challenge and overcome it with confidence, we become a better version of ourselves.


9. As the leader of Acropolis Infotech, a mobile app development company, what highs and lows have you experienced?

As I mentioned earlier, my journey with Acropolis since its inception has been a roller coaster ride. It took me more than a couple of years to establish Acropolis as a leading mobile app development company.

Talking about highs, our current client base includes companies & brands like AT&T, Nike, Pepsi, Citibank, etc. That’s not all; we have also been recognized as the top mobile app development company by Clutch (a prominent rating and review company for IT companies) for the third time in a row since 2018.


10. What do you think will be the next technology trend in the mobile development world?

Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are already the hot cake technologies in the mobile app development world. IoT and AR/VR, both technologies are here to stay and disrupt the market, mark my words.

Any Tips Or Advice You Want To Share With Start-ups?

There is always a befitting technology (or technologies) for your start-up. Figure that out and blow the world.

Having a good understanding of technology and applying it in your start-up is not a privilege, but a need in today’s era. All the best!

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