Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Respondent: Kumar Pandian
Company: Smarther Technologies
Designation:  CEO / Founders
Website: www.smarther.co
Email Id: [email protected]
LinkedIn CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kumarpandian/

About CEO of Smarther Technologies:

His zeal, as a market leader, is to build a team and formulate a structure that empowers organizations to the maximum level of performance.
He has experience in different areas, including human resource management, social media marketing, website front end development, services marketing, and more. His objective via the complete process and beyond is to be entirely transparent, eradicate surprises, keep you up to date, and, most prominently, do what we claim we are going to do. Assisting people, resolving their difficulty and delivering value addition to the society is long-lasting & self-sustaining.

1) What is your company about and your role within it?

Smarther is a Website and Mobile app development company offers top mobile apps and website from a team of young and passionate developers. We have successfully delivered around 200+ websites and 100+ mobile applications across the globe in various industries.

2) What are the services that you provide to your clients?

The services that we provide to our clients are,
Mobile application Development (Android and iOS)
website design and development
Digital Marketing Services

3) What vectors of industries are covered by the services that you provide?

Smarther has placed its footprints in almost every industry like E-commerce, Tours and Travels, Health care, Education, Food, Automobile, Social Media, and all kinds of businesses ranging from small to big enterprises.

4) What are the most significant factors that decide the cost of a project?

The cost of every project always depends upon the client’s requirements. Project features and functionalities play an essential role in determining the cost of every project.

5) What are the platforms that you are experts in developing a project?

Platforms were we are expert are,
• Android
• iOS

6) What is the minimum number of members you assign for a project, and do you assign them as per their experience?

Each and every project is assigned with designers, developers, tester and Project manager. Members are assigned as per their experience and as per the project requirements.

7) How do you tackle changes in the client’s requirements? Do you charge extra for it?

The agile method of development is followed for all our projects. Clients are provided with regular demos and reports. Additional features are charged as per the requirements.

8) What ratio of your clients are repetitive?

if we are working with 10 clients mostly 5 will clients will come up with other projects

9) What is the mode of communication between the project manager and the development team?

Project management tool (TRELLO) has been used by our project managers and the development team

10) Do you maintain the app post-launch, and do you charge an extra amount from the client for it?

Yes we are Maintenance also

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