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• Respondent: Kalpesh Patel
• Company: Solution Analysts
• Designation: CEO
• Website: www.solutionanalysts.com
• Email Id: [email protected]
• LinkedIn CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kalpeshpatelsa/

About CEO of SolutionAnalysts

Kalpesh Patel is a Founder and CEO of Solution Analysts. He has vast experience in managing engineering teams for over 14 years in the domains of business application software, Internet applications, and mobile commerce applications.

1. Let’s begin with the introduction to your company and your role within it.

Solution Analysts is an IT solutions provider company established in 2011. We offer customized solutions in the domains of mobility, web development, eCommerce, and emerging technologies. Our global clientele consists of over 350+ companies ranging from startups to SMEs and even a few Fortune 500 companies.

As a founder and CEO of Solution Analysts, my role is including but not limited to overseeing technical and managerial activities. I am responsible for taking the real-time decisions and direct the management for accomplishing our common goal- develop top-notch IT solutions. I regularly go through the schedules of various teams and monitor their progress. At times, as a mentor, I guide them to meet deadlines and use my domain expertise to ensure smooth processes.

2. What was the concept behind beginning this organization?

Well, at this juncture, it is difficult to recall various objectives responsible for establishing Solution Analysts. But, the central idea was to bring automation to the client’s business processes and improve their convenience. Today, this idea is a vision of Solution Analysts and our growth driver. We have aimed at offering high-quality IT solutions to modern businesses in a cost-effective way.

3. What are the core services you provide to your clients?

Solution Analysts is not just another mobile app development company. Our core services cover all aspects of thriving domains of mobility, web development, eCommerce development, and IoT. We provide 360-degree solutions to the corporate clients through the array of services including

• E-Commerce web development
• Enterprise web and app development
• Cross-platform app development
• App store optimization and digital marketing
• IoT app development
• Consulting and Implementation of IT solutions
• Maintenance, Update, and Support

4. What’s your strategy in creating interactive UX/UI of apps and websites?

At SolutionAnalysts, we strive for developing user-friendly solutions in web and mobile domains. Our experienced designers take an agile approach while considering every aspect of UI and UX design in line with the client’s business needs. We keep the end-users in mind while performing usability testing and ensure that our solutions have visually appealing designs and excellent functionality.

5. Explain how your team communicates and works collaboratively?

I feel lucky to have a team of experienced developers who believe in teamwork and collaboration. It is good to see a professional bonding when they work on the same project. They use Skype for internal communication and tools like JIRA, Basecamp, and Trello for working collaboratively.

6. Tell us about the way your company manages projects from scratch to completion and handover!

At Solution Analysts, our vision is to bring automation in the client’s business processes and enhance their convenience. Once we get the project, a team consists of software developers, QA executive, and a project manager starts working on it with the utmost dedication. We take care of every aspect related to the project, the client’s business model, and end-users.

We use the most prevalent technologies to develop high-quality IT solutions and pass them through extensive testing procedures before handing over to the clients.

7. What are your views on the mobile app insurgence? And how will it bring a distinction in the tech industry?

My company’s business model is based on in-house teams. We have over 180 highly experienced and certified developers, designers, and business consultants who can easily manage the project of any size. Our in-house business model is designed to provide end-to-end services under one roof. It saves our esteemed clients’ precious time and effort. But, here I would like to mention that as we are foraying into futuristic technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain, we outsource some of the processes that we are yet to gain expertise.

8. Explain the Upcoming Potential and your vision about new technologies for example, IoT and Blockchain?

Look at the surge in the number of smartphone users worldwide. It is sufficient to show us a glimpse of a bright future of mobile apps. Today, the on-demand economy is based on mobile apps and in the coming years, advanced features from AI, VR, AR, and IoT will bring a huge difference in the way we work and live. We are in a technology driven era where today’s advanced feature becomes obsolete tomorrow, and therefore, we need to remain vigilant for keeping the app up-to-date to maintain its relevance and competitiveness.

9. What are your key aspects in deciding the price of an app?

At Solution Analysts, our developers focus on integrating advanced features based on emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain, and AI. We are always ready to embrace the changes brought by new technologies to build next-gen solutions for our global clientele. We look forward to making these technologies an integral part of our development cycle. We can see great potential in these new technologies for leading the enterprises toward digital transformation.

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10. What is the business model for your company? Do you have an in-house team/outsourcing developers or third party vendors?

Okay. This is a bit tricky! To my mind, the biggest deciding factor for the app development cost is the scope of the project. At Solution Analysts, we also consider the following aspects for deciding the app’s price:
• User type and role
• Navigation and user journey
• Complexity and feature integration
• Functionality and interrelation of features
• UI and UX design
We charge reasonable hourly rates and offer flexible hiring models suitable for every size of the project.

Thank you!

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