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Respondent: Soumyajit Chakraborty
Company: SoftProdigy
Designation: CEO
Email Id: [email protected]
LinkedIn CEO:

About CEO of SoftProdigy:

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Proficient in Business Intelligence, Android Development, PHP, Data Warehousing, and Business Development. A strong business development professional with a Senior Management Programme focused on Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

1. Inspire us with your fantastic journey, from the beginning till the end.

My journey has been fantastic until now because of the challenges that I faced and got to uncover the opportunities that were hidden behind them. No journey is perfect mine wasn’t either. Being the CEO of SoftProdigy, I have always been a keen learner and this is what brought me here. Everyday was a new chance for me to overcome the hurdles that were obstructing my way. I tasted success when I entered the IT world. My values have taught me to never stop learning & exploring and I am following my values religiously to better myself and my experience, every day!

2. What encouraged you to come into the world of app development?

Mobile app development managed to create a powerful niche in the digital world because it came as a lucrative offering for businesses to reach out to a broader customer base and earn recognition amongst them. With passing time, the idea of entering the app development forte began to make space in my thoughts and I started taking it seriously. After a complete analysis of the market, app development became a part of my career development, and I incorporated this idea with my organization at the right time. By far, I can say that this decision has brought the desired and deserved results for SoftProdigy.

3. What makes your business unique? Do you offer your services globally?

We cater to the unique needs of each business and provide them with customized solutions to get what their business requires. This is what makes our business stand tall in a market where standardization is a norm. Our team comprises of professionals who have rich experience in different technical fortes. All in all, it is the expertise of our team and our inclination towards staying on-trend with the latest technology that makes us unique. Yes, we do offer services globally. SoftProdigy has a rich clientele that is based out of the country and is with us for years now.

4. Who is your motivation from the mobile app development industry?

Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, is the one. Though he possesses expertise in varied fields, the way he’s contributing to technological innovation is impressive. Recently, few insights were even shared by him regarding how Tesla V10 software updates and mobile app’re to be integrated for better usability.

5. How do you estimate the future of mobile apps is going to look like?

Mobile app development has already changed the game since the time it came into existence. And there is no sign of it coming to a halt. As per my experience, I can see the future of mobile apps to be brighter than what it is today. Trends like wearable devices, M-Commerce, innovative mobile user experience design, along with others, will redefine the future of mobile apps. Mobile app development will soar high in the coming years with the creation of more innovative and dynamic apps that offer robust features. And it will also invite more opportunities for professionals to build their career in this domain.

6. What are the key factors that organizations should keep in mind while hiring an app development partner?

Organizations need to play smart when it comes to hiring an app development partner because every mobile app development service provider is not equipped enough to meet your needs and level of expectations. First, organizations should look out for such companies that have a solid base and reputation that is earned over the years. Secondly, the number of successful projects that they have accomplished can help you make a comparison between two or more app development partners. Thirdly, the level of transparency and the time taken by them to deliver the end result should be considered before coming to any conclusion.

7. What is the most certain thing all online businesses be supposed to focus on in 2020?

2020 has brought a wealth of opportunities for the existing and budding online companies. There are still some areas where most online businesses have not achieved perfection. The most certain thing all online businesses need to focus on in 2020 is the delivery of state-of-the-art and trending services that make way for organizations to rise above its competitors and leverage the power of the internet. This factor will allow online businesses to stay for a longer period in the market because they will be offering what’s trending in the technologically advanced world.

8. How to become a successful entrepreneur? Is there any technique?

“It is better to be unsuccessful in novelty than to thrive in imitation!’
A successful entrepreneur is the one who is the originator of fresh ideas and concepts. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to introduce yourself to the challenges that are pushing back your ideas and turn them into chances of exploring new things. Catch hold of all the opportunities that will come your way to experiment with each one of them. There is no particular technique to become a successful entrepreneur. You need to have an undeterred motivation to move forward, an abundance of ideas in your mind and the ability to overcome hurdles smartly.

9. What have your company has achieved so far? Tell us in detail!

SoftProdigy has gained a lot in the past years. The most precious wealth that we have gained is our loyal customers, ever-evolving expertise to stay updated on the latest technology, and successful delivery of projects by following a customer-centric approach. Our team of professionals has delivered around 2172 projects, won 30+ awards, earned the smile of 1853 clients, and much more. These are the best things that we have achieved over the years, which keep us motivated to deliver quality services to the clients in the coming times.

10. Do you think marketing is crucial for every company or product?

Yes, marketing is crucial for every company or product to aware of the target audience about its presence. Unless and until you don’t bring your product in front of the audience, no one will get to know about it and ultimately you will have no sales. And marketing is vital for every tangible and intangible offering by the companies. A well-marketed product or service garners more attention from the potential customers, which allows the companies to earn more profits. You can see around yourself to witness the power of marketing and how the right marketing activities have made companies rich.

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