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• Respondent: Gaurav Gupta
• Company: Squareboat
• Designation: Founder & CEO
• Website:
• Email Id: [email protected]
• LinkedIn CEO:

About CEO of Squareboat:

Gaurav has over 12+ years of experience in developing and maintaining large and scalable web and mobile applications end-to-end including product conceptualization, design, backend and frontend development, deployment, server management, uptime, reliability, performance, and scalability.

Questions for CEO

1. Let’s begin with the introduction to your company and your role within it.

Ans. Squareboat is an Internet startup with extremely talented people working together under a single roof. We build beautiful, scalable, and feature-rich web and mobile applications. Some of the world’s best companies trust us for building their web and mobile applications.

2. What was the concept behind beginning Squareboat organization?

Ans. It was clear to me at an early stage that the Internet is about to revolutionize every business but what was also evident was that the average software company in India is simply not capable of delivering to the needs of these new-age startup founders, which not only requires great technical capability but also someone who can speak to them in their language, understand their business goals and then architect products accordingly. Squareboat was formed exactly to solve this need.

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3. What are the core services you provide to your clients?

Ans. Web Applications Development, Mobile Applications Development, AI chatbots, UI/UX Design, DevOps and Growth Hacking are our core services.

4. What’s your strategy in creating interactive UX/UI of apps and websites?

Ans. To start with a project, we first understand all the client requirements and try to grasp their point of view for the product. Then, we do background research on the given product and start collating multiple ideas for various kinds of elements including features, animations, interactions, look and feel, usability, etc. Next, we draw pencil on paper wireframes of all screens to make sure that the user flows and all our selected ideas are being conveyed easily in the product. Once, these wireframes are approved by the client party and the design team at Squareboat; we take these screens to UI design. We create screens for the entire product and get it verified by all our stakeholders, and then we send it to development. After the product is completely developed, we run some user testing on the product and also get it tested by the QA team in-house. Then, with all feedbacks incorporated, we finalize the product and hand it over to the client. And, that’s how we roll it by working towards providing an enjoyable and effective experience for the user.

5. Explain how your team communicates and works collaboratively?

Ans. We have a very open and helpful environment in our office. The team is very talented and never hesitates in helping one another. Check out our social media to see a glimpse of the team. We also use tools like Slack, Trello, and Skype for official communication.

6. Tell us about the way your company manages projects from scratch to completion and handover!

We have a simple yet effective process of project management, sort of our kind of scrum. It begins with a requirement gathering meeting of the client and the development team. All the requirements of in detail and an overview of the product’s workflow is decided. Then the work is allotted to the respective teams, UI Design, Backend, and Frontend. We follow an open office culture and the team communicates directly with the clients to accommodate updates and iterations. After some rigorous testing by our QA Engineers, the product is showcased and once approved by the client we are good to deliver the final product.

7. What is your organization’s business model– third party vendors/outsourcing or in house team?

Our business model has been the same from day one. We build mobile and web applications for our clients and hopefully eliminate the need for our clients to ever hire or feel the need of hiring their own tech teams.

8. Give your views on how far this mobile app insurgence can bring a difference in the technology era?

Ans. It’s a fact that people prefer apps for websites as they are handy and easy to use, so any app which has something valuable for users can gain good traction. Technology actually is propagating through mobile apps; if you look into your phone right now, you’ll realize how dependent you are on some apps, say Whatsapp or maybe Uber, that’s enough to get the gist of difference mobile apps are making into our lives.

9. Describe your future potential and vision about new technologies, such as Blockchain & IoT apps?

The future holds immense opportunities for Squareboat. Technology is changing rapidly and so are we. Looking at the trends we can anticipate that the diversity of new platforms is really going to take software development to another level. Well, whatever the future may be Squareboat will always keep ruling the roost and deliver the best experience to everyone.

10. What are the core aspects that you consider ahead of choosing the price of an application?

Ans. The pricing of an application depends on a number of factors like the platform, complexity, type and amount of data to be handled, number of users, resources required, etc. We give a good thought to all the factors before quoting a price. We prefer quality over affordability.

Thank you!

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