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Interview Questionnaire


Please share your Journey with Konstant Infosolutions

I started Konstant Infosolutions along with co-founder and Managing Director, Mr. Manish Jain, in 2003. 17+ years through, Konstant has proved its mettle having been recognized by major research firms – Clutch, ITFirms, Appfutura, BusinessofApps and Goodfirms in various categories like top app developers, top web developers, cross-platform app developer etc.

We have adapted our business strategies with recent changes and continually strive to furnish ourselves with updated technologies and tools in demand. Our development portfolio includes On-demand app solution (Healthcare, Haircuts, Taxi, Food ordering, Pet, Tutors etc.), Chat messenger, Beacon Solutions, Machine Learning, AR, VR, Education and e-learning Solutions, Classified/Directory App Solution, Mobile/Web App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Emerging Technologies, Cloud Services, Internet of Things, Home automation etc.

Industries that we have served: eLearning, Real Estate, On-Demand Solutions (Taxi, Healthcare, Haircuts, Pets, Food ordering and delivery, pets, babysitting, tow truck etc.), Social Networking, Food ordering, Banking and insurance, e-commerce (B2B and B2C), Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, Gaming, Healthcare, Automotive, Directory and Organization and Event Organization etc.

Can you introduce your mobile app development company and yourself to our readers?

Konstant Infosolutions is India-based mobile app development and design Company launched in 2003. We have worked on more than 500+ Android/iOS applications and 300+ web projects. We strive to interpret our client’s requirements. If they have a great idea for a product with the potential to capture the heart and mind of the consumers, we have adequate strategies to restore it. But before we shift our energies into high gear, we ascertain if there is a real need to fine-tune or create it from scratch.

What were the challenges that you experienced during the initial years?

Every project brings its own set of challenges with itself. Right from focussing on a narrow niche, we ascertain and establish the project infrastructure without which it is quite challenging to traverse the whole journey from idea inception to the actual delivery. We have to segregate the pre-production environments, align the precursor to the successful adoption of any tool/technologies with the purpose and get some metrics to support the assessment and set expectations appropriately. In the process, we deduce the exact pipeline problem that needs to be solved. Pipeline stages/build environments have to be separated by the increasing scope of responsibility that the developer assumes, stretching from their local workstations to the team space to the application’s entire codebase.

As the scope of responsibility grows, the cost of mistakes too scales up. We need to incrementally test the application before passing it off to the next level. All this in place, we continually believe that every business has a different purpose that requires a different flow. This is to ensure the stages, the tests, and the quality gates that the pipeline could contain. It is often challenging to check the possibilities that surface to acknowledge what’s missing from the development and testing workflow. The levels of responsibility and nomenclature and how those levels have to be segregated along with the tests must be the point.

We always look for ways to improve our revenue from marketing strategies. We seek ideas on increasing sales to attain higher revenues. Increasing traffic on our website helps us in meeting other goals. We try reducing marketing costs by increasing engagement on social media thus boosting traffic and authority to our site.

What makes Konstant Infosolutions stand apart from its competitors?

Success is clearly the pursuit of those who are willing to traverse that extra mile, to delight their customers. We have often drifted from our usual strategies and do our business differently than our competitors do. We always look for ways to improve our revenue from marketing strategies. We seek ideas on increasing sales to attain higher revenues. Increasing traffic on our website helps us in meeting other goals. We try reducing marketing costs by increasing engagement on social media thus boosting traffic and authority to our site. We try finding lacunae and fill up the gaps in the business model to the maximum possible extent, research about the audience and align our tasks in-line with the business idea, to bring it to fruition.

Would you like to share a few tips with the aspiring leaders of tomorrow?

It becomes easy with the efforts of the businesses to hit a specific revenue target within a week, month or year. Raising the search engine ranking and increasing traffic engagement to the content to attract a certain number of new email subscribers all will sum up to a bright future for app development companies. Know your target audience, analyze the buyer personas, create quality content, be upright with the software development life cycle with the chosen methodology, do a research on your competitors, make your project responsive to desktop/web/mobile/tablet environments, do the optimization and required promotion to stay ahead of the competition, connect with right influencers, measure your results and scale up accordingly.

Can you tell us some key factors that make you different from your competitors?

Our mobile app development and marketing strategy extend beyond the app types that we create. It also guides us on how to organize the allocated project. We never compare but keep a check on our business acumen and efforts by target audience and competitors in the same market domain. Being proactive about certain things and discovering overlooked areas of the market, looking at competitors’ market positioning, their pricing, what customers say on social media, what reviews scream with opportunity, is what keeps our heads on.

What are some of the best mobile apps Konstant Infosolutions has developed?

ZAmerican – E-Learning App was one of the most successful apps that were developed in ios and Android and it crossed million active users. There are more alike here:

Tell us about the mode of communication that you follow during the development projects with your clients?

All the communication is via official emails, phone calls, skype messages or zoom video conference calls in some cases.

What Development Platform Do You recommend to your clients, and why?

We are unbiased and prefer working according to the client’s requirements on-demand. We have been into (mobile app development for iPhone and Android platforms, Cross-Platform App Development (React Native, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Ionic, Sencha Touch etc.), App Prototype and strategy (UI and UX Designing), Web Development (PHP, .Net, Java), Trending JS Frameworks (Angular.JS, Node.JS, React.JS), E-commerce and CMS (Magento, WordPress), Cloud Computing, IoT Development, Consulting Services, Software Maintenance and Support, Open-source Development etc.) all for startups and enterprises.

Tell us about your development methodology and its benefits.

It is outright Agile: With a shift in the technological scenario, there is an urgent need to merge trends and to exceed user demands. We follow an agile development approach to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the clients, accommodate any risks and correct mistakes in the project lifecycle. It requires our developers to be proactive, fluid and creative in the process. Although this implementation is highly distinguished and we follow other approaches as well according to the given budget, time and project requirements, but the common rationale of being flexible is always adhered to.

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What unique value propositions does Konstant Infosolutions offer?

We imbibe the latest technologies and work towards exceeding the client’s expectations. We believe that our work speaks volumes and that is evident from the testimonials that we receive from our esteemed clients.

Share some helpful tips for creating a successful mobile app.

I would like to say that – adhere to the process to ensure high productivity and timely deliveries.

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