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iOS vs Android – Best Platform To Launch An App

Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store have never been comrades. Instead, they have always been a topic of discussion on who spent how much on apps on either platform. Based on the data gathered from the past few years, Apple iOS users pay more for apps as compared to Android users.

The report didn’t change in the first half of 2019. According to the latest statement by the Sensor Tower website, Apple leads the race comprehensively as compared to its counterpart. Whatever mentioned above is the percentage amount of money people spend on either platform. Now, it is time to discuss which operating system to opt from iOS vs Android to launch your app.

You have to make a call between the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Well, it’s not an easy choice to make. For Starters, both Android and iOS app users behave differently, so if you launch the app on the wrong platform, there could be a case of you neglecting your primary target audience. So, what to do then?

Let’s assume that you are building a native app. In this case, you will have to make a choice between Apple and Android. – This is because the code for native apps isn’t compatible with both platforms. However, if you want an app that is suitable for both platforms, you will need to develop two different ones from scratch in order to meet the requirements for each operating system. Below are some of the key aspects you need to consider before developing an app for two different platforms.

iOS vs Android Mobile Platforms


Feature sets

The feature sets compile the basic information of an app. It also defines the purpose of the app. The answer to this question depends on the code that gets written for development.

For iOS:

Apple is restricted to a closed ecosystem. – This means Apple regulates entrance to use their platform. The advantage of building your app on a closed ecosystem like Apple’s means that there are more control and stability. On the users’ front, Apple devices are more expensive than Android devices, so in general, users tend to move towards Android devices first.

For Android:

Android operates on an open-source ecosystem that allows for tons of modifications and functionality. Open source platforms are more prone to intrusion, so sometimes updates get blocked by mobile network operators. When there are fewer restrictions, you won’t have to jump through as many hoops to develop your app on the Android system.

Making Money

Making money is the ultimate goal for every mobile application, and choosing the right platform is part of the process. The business model includes,

  • Subscriptions
  • Pay per download
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertisements

Now, depending on the strategies, you have to decide what implementations can impact your decision for developing on Android or Apple.

For iOS:

If you are in any mood to develop a paid application or charge for downloads, the best platform to launch it is iOS.- This is because the users are used to see more paid apps than the free apps on the Apple App Store. However, you should keep in mind that if you are going to charge Apple users to download your app, it will be a costly affair.

For Android:

If you are eyeing to make money via advertising and in-app purchase, then Android is the place to be. With an in-app purchase, you may get less money per purchase, but the Android users dominate the market share. The perennial advantage of releasing your app for free on Android is that you will gain more downloads, and it is the only thing you crave for being an app developer.

Apps usage in Tabs

When you hear the term Mobile application, the only thing that strikes your mind is smartphones. But it is a different ball game altogether when it comes to tabs.

According to numbers, from 2010 to 2015, a 42% increase in tablet users got witnessed in the United States alone. These numbers will continue to comprehend, and therefore you need to develop apps according to tablets as well.

For iOS

Apple iPads are among the most influential gadgets, and people are inclined towards it. Therefore, Apple apps should be tailor-made for Tablets as well.

For Android:

People who use Android tabs are more technically sound. They use the Android tab for their job or working on a project. But on preference, Android tabs fall short when compared to Apple iPads.

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Time to wrap up: 

So, which is the best platform iOS vs Android to launch your app? Well, there is no robust answer to this question. However, different scenarios can help in determining the best platform.

Users will prefer Apple if they are residing in the United States who have a higher income and a substantial annual income.

Android is best suited if your target market is global, and you are planning to drive sales through ads instead of in-app purchases.

In any case, if you wish to make the most of both these platforms, Hybrid apps are the best solution. These apps are less expensive, build swiftly, and easy to maintain.

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