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What should I choose, kotlin vs java for android development? Whether you believe it or not but whenever a developer plans on making an app, this is the first question that comes up to his mind. Considering the fact that mobile development is quite a complicated process in itself, both Kotlin and Java are said to be the most helpful languages to make this process easier for both developers and the mobile app development company.

However, the argument doesn’t end there. You see, though these languages are highly functional, there are certain differences that make app developers go crazy. While Kotlin who was declared as the official language for Android app development, Java was the oldest and easiest language available.

This post is solely dedicated to the differences between these languages which eventually will help you out in having a clear perception regarding the best language for mobile app development.

But, before we do that, we thought it would be better to provide you with all the necessary information about kotlin vs java android development 2020.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language that is being used for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaScript. Kotlin came out as an ultimate language to make the concept of productivity achievable.

The languages officially supported by Google for app development on Android and ever since the release of Android studio 3.0 in 2017, Kotlin was introduced as an alternative to the standard Java compiler.

– Kotlin is described as a general-purpose language.

– It introduced functional features to support Java interoperability.

– It is known for improving the coding experience in terms of both practicality and effectiveness.

– What makes Kotlin a better choice to go with, is its capability to compile the code to JavaScript.

– It is supported by the best IDEs and is compatible with Java versions 6 and 8.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the latest tell you that it is considered to be the most effective and strong JVM language available in the Android ecosystem. With the help of Kotlin, you can write less code when compared with Java.

What is Java?

As mentioned earlier, Java is said to be one of the oldest and easiest app development languages available. Whether you believe it or not but Java maintained its top position for more than two decades and still has maintained the reputation of being a popular programming language.

Java is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems which is currently owned by Oracle.

What sets Java apart is its purpose. You see, Java isn’t a language for app development, it has the biggest community and market out there which brings in a lot more career opportunities. The bottom line is, it is a reputable programming language.

Comparison Between kotlin Vs Java For Android Development 2020

To make things clear and concise, we have created a handful of parameters that are said to be the crucial differences amongst them.

1. Compilation time

When it comes down to the compilation time, you’d be surprised to know that Kotlin performs this task slower than Java.

2. Development speed

While Kotlin code development speed is fast, Java’s code development, on the other hand, is faster when compared side by side.

3. Lambada expressions

Lambada expressions are said to be anonymous functions that are treated as values. A developer can pass them as arguments to methods return them, or do anything that they want. Kotlin supports that, but Java does not.

4. Community support

In terms of community, then we are sorry to tell you that Kotlin has limited learning resources and apparently has a small and new community out there. Java is an old language, has a vast community circle.

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Advantages of Kotlin Over Java

a. Kotlin is easy and more concise

It helps to reduce the amount of boilerplate code in your given project.

b. Easy learning curve

If you know Java then you can easily work with Kotlin. You see, the switch from Java to Kotlin does not have any overhead, complications, and adaptations that posses any cost.

c. Kotlin is interoperable

With this language, you can easily leverage all existing Java libraries, JVM, and frameworks.

d. It provides enhanced run-time performance

The performance during run-time is said to be very high


Advantages of Java Over Kotlin

a. Kotlin does have a steep learning curve which requires a lot of learning up front.

b. Kotlin has a slower compilation speed when compared to Java in most cases but it does beat Java in some cases.

c. The community of Kotlin is still very young and the learning resources are quite limited. Meaning, if you are stuck at something, great chances that you won’t find an answer for that query.

d. Since Kotlin in the app development industry, you will find difficulties while hiring an experienced developer.

e. There are certain features in Android studio-like autocomplete and compilation which run slower in Kotlin but function flawlessly on Java.


This is an ever-growing world, which means what you see now can go out of trend in the next instance. The same can be said to programming languages. Kotlin is a rapidly growing language that has powerful features that are expected to grow even further in the future. But that doesn’t mean it will replace Java. Both of these languages offer different services yet they are related to the concept of kotlin vs java for android development.

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