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Is it accurate to say that it isn’t stunning that the web has changed the path the majority of the business people are running their organizations? Indeed, it certainly is! Basically, the vast majority of the online marketplaces offer an alternate prospect alongside new opportunities to wholesalers and retailers over the globe. Above all, all these eCommerce platforms let the small merchants showcase their inventive selling products and set up themselves among the biggies of the business industry.

While the challenge to sack most extreme measure of purchasers and dealers is getting harder as time passes, it has turned out to be extremely hard for venders/purchasers additionally to pick the best online platform for their business. Yet, shockingly, amidst this, Kraftly developed as a dark horse of Indian eCommerce crew, at present riding high with challenging 88,000+ merchants and 33 Lakh + purchasers on their web platform.

So now you know why Kraftly is your go-to destination to simplify your buying and selling needs?

What is Kraftly?

Kraftly is an E-Commerce platform providing various classes of Western Wear, Indian Ethnic Wear, Footwear, Handicrafts, Fashion adornments, and significantly more. The thought behind Kraftly, is to overcome any issues among venders and purchasers, making it simple for individuals to sell their Apparels, Artifacts, Jewelry, Footwear, Home Decor things and so on.

How Kraftly Works?

Follow the sequence that can help you to understand how it works –

1. Processing the order

Order processing is a phrase for a series of activities required to process the order created by the customer.

2. Packaging the order

The next phase is to pack the order correctly before final shipping. Packaging has dual purposes; initially it foils the order from getting spoiled, and secondly, it enables to create brand value.

3. Logistics and Delivery

This is the third and most important phase in the entire shipping procedure. eCommerce firms need to have a consistent logistics strategy in place for flawless and opportune delivery to the buyer.

4. Returns

Last but not least, shipping also includes processing returns. After the buyer returns the products due to any reasons, the logistics organization ships it back to the seller and the returns process begins.

Features of Kraftly

• Initiate shipping the day you go live
• No minimum chunk on the figure of shipments
• Invoice & Shipping formats according to the courier agency and government standard
• Integrated with more than 8 domestic courier agencies, few local and eCommerce logistics partners soon to get impaneled
• Certified logistics
• Integrated with FedEx, DHL, and Aramex to support your international orders
• Ship your COD orders.
• Transactional SMS & email integrated.
• One panel to see all order statuses
• All the shipping history saved on your panel for potential reference

How Is Kraftly Different From Others?

Actually, Kraftly remains steadfast over numerous other e-commerce platforms. It is an effective start-up which is performing amazingly well. It’s the main commercial center where anyone with a one of a kind item can transfer and sell.

Merely download the Kraftly application and Click, Upload and Sell – it’s that simple. Curiously, dealers additionally have a favorable position of visiting with the purchasers, which empowers direct contact between the two, helping them comprehend their needs appropriately.

More than that, Kraftly is one of the quickest online courses to sell everything by means of different social platforms too. Dealers can benefit as much as possible from out of Kraftly’s quality on networking mammoths like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp a lot more.
Being a buyer, if you are worried about items costs, you will be glad to see rewarding discounts offered by Kraftly, making it simpler for you to pick your top picks at first sight.

Well, in case you are searching for something that can take your business on the web or you need to purchase something helpful and remarkable, then Kraftly would be the best option for you.

Wrapping Up

Now, you know about Kraftly and how it works, features and how you can take benefits from it. If you need more cool updates regarding eCommerce or online shopping related news updates, keep in touch.

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