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There is no doubt that Edge AI is the major trend in chip technology. Such type of chips allows running on AI processing over the edge or we can say that it can run over the device without having a cloud connection. Some of the largest tech companies start hiring startups that are specialized in this trend.
Recently Apple hire a company for this, Google’s Coral initiative also makes it easier with working on it, and ARM one of the biggest chipmakers is working on this from the last few years. From the reports, it is found that ARM is expanding itself in this field by launching two latest chip designs. On is the ARM Cortex-M55, and another on is Ethos-U55. It is a neural processing unit, which is design to pair with ARM Cortex for more use cases.
There are lots of benefits of edge AI as it helps in run AI processing on the device itself and there is no requirement of a remote server to run it. It also offers privacy and speed in handling such requests. The design of these latest chips is not manufactured by ARM; instead, it works as blueprints for a large variety of partners. They can use it as a base for their own hardware.

Latest Edge AI chips of ARM IoT Devices News by Mobileappdiary
The most interesting thing about these latest chips of ARM is that they are not particularly for mobiles and tablets; rather they are intended to develop new IoT devices. These chips offer many use cases like there is a 360-degree camera with a walking stick which allows identifying obstacles and also new train sensors to avoid delays and identify obstacles.
The latest model of the ARM is Cortex-M55 and it offers more than 15x enhanced machine learning performance as well as also enhanced 5x digital signal processing. These results assured that the latest chip is far better than previous generation ARM’s chips.

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ARM says to an interview that these chips will helps in making big difference in edge AI platforms. The existing version of ARM chips only handle the basic tasks, but the latest chips come with advanced feature like object recognition. The combination of both Cortex-M and Ethos-U55 has more impact and deliver something enhanced and advanced.
These latest edges AI chips will take some time to come out in the market. In the latest interview ARM announced the design and documentation of its chips. From this, it will be clear that there is no chance of its arrival before 2021.

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