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The main function of UPShine is to extend the sales and marketing services to our potential clients. This is ethically undesirable just to create a mobile app and leave that app on its own. There are millions of apps witnessing in the app store and enlisting on top of the chart looks for robust sales and marketing strategies. ASO in other words App

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Left those days when lead generation was considered to be tough and entirely relied on traditional methods. During the time of pre-internet sales when lead generation mostly invaded the places of trade shows but with the emergence of internet, it has come up with more improvised picture.

Lead generation, a method of getting inquiries from the potential clients has diversified its concept in the era of internet marketing. After the emergence of internet, websites are being used by many businesses as a lead generation option, but there are various options which have simplified this concept further.

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How Fluper will Qualify a lead

At Fluper, we believe nature and customer retention marketing strategies play a considerable part of the holistic strategy. Following are the components of holistic strategies for lead generation:

Inbound Marketing

At Fluper, we outline a proper planning in order to create interest by extending mix of informative and entertaining content in order to establish a meaning relationship with the potential audience. Hence our content is distributed through appropriate channels where the buyers are more likely to spend a considerable time.

Content & SEO

Although maximum companies are jumping down into the content bandwagon but the company which has clearly understood its target audience and has catered to create relevant and valuable content to attract and acquire the targeted audience has been driven successfully driven with sufficient profit.


Website is the platform where magic is more likely to happen. So, it is equally essential to optimise the website for conversion of browsers into actual leads. At Website, we pay utmost attention for Call-to-action, forms, layout, content and design.

Display Ads

Display Ads is one of the sources which would not only reach to the target audience but educate the potential audience. Display Ads have always served at every stage of the funnel from strengthening of brand to audience building.

Social Media

Social media is still effective as far as generating and strengthening of brand are concerned. Hence with the holistic Social Media strategy, brand can be easily extended from Facebook to LinkedIn and eventually can withstand the trust of potential customers.


A well laid out blog stumble upon the readers which makes it inevitable to make the content search-engine optimised. We understand that reading a blog may not directly stimulate to sign-up for the demo, but we take steps to make innovative call-to-actions with intrigue designs in order to subscribe the blog .

Pay-per-click Ads

PPC ads have gradually turned out to be the terrific way to draw attention in order to offer the services. Since they are highly targeted, it render the high quality leads. Lead generation plays a pivotal role in every business marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is maximum used tactic in lead generation. Since it has already strengthened its position in marketing campaign, at Fluper, our email content is structured in such a way that even the people who did not show interest to read the content earlier will make it a while to read the content.

Why Fluper is the One for You?

With a team of experienced professionals and market researchers, we are the leading Mobile App Development company. We never compromise with the quality and have the potential to deliver innovative apps without any delay.

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Fluper is one of the top online lead generation companies with the best marketing campaign strategy. It is also one-stop solution for mobile app development where you can get your rustic business idea transformed with the help of our experienced Mobile App Developers. They are competent enough to create native as well as hybrid mobile app development that can correspond the ongoing marketing pace. iOS and Android app development are the operating system invading the world of mobile app development . Our competent team of iPhone and Android App Developers incorporate agile methodologies in order to get the best possible outcome.

We also provide additional sales and marketing services so that your app can be strived on top of the chart and can enhance ROI with organic strategy of business growth, lead generation, promotion, branding, sales and consultation and revenue generation.

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What Is Lead Generation?

With the ultimate motive to generate and enhance sales, a lead refers to any individual who fills an online form, responds to an SMS or counter to any type of mediums revealing their desire to purchase a product thus initiating the sales process. With the globalisation of top B2B lead generation Companies, stimulating marketing processes are rigidly outlined where digital channels are undertaken with the expansion of new online and social techniques.

It is a process where the contact details and personal information of eligible prospects are being gathered. This is the way where you find processes and procedures in order to attract people to the business.

In other words, it is known to be the method of initiating funnel-in eventual purchasers of your product and directly down the path of buying the desirable product.

Area we are Prodigious In

Cross Mobile App Development which has strived

Lead Capture Techniques

Fluper fabricate mutually beneficial opt-in methods to acquire the information from the potential clients which makes it one of the effective methods to run a marketing campaign.

Competence to Lead Magnets

At Fluper we use in email opt-ins, social media and subscriptions in order to display some sign of interest from the visitors. Additionally we also cater with Training video series, webinars, eBooks, White papers etc.

Conversion Techniques

Our conversion techniques are a part of the holistic strategy that we laid down earlier to convert visitors into leads through Call-to-action and proper placement of font, colouring and images to deliver the promise made by ad source.

Capitalizing Techniques

With point-based approach, it would not only help to identify the hottest leads but mover further analysing it that would save the time but money as well in order to funnel down the target audience and capitalisation of the business opportunities.

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