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What about experiencing the real, non-existent living world? Imagine if you could fly through a world made of fantasy? And do you like it to include a few fictitious characters? Okay, you can imagine it and dream about how it will be. The possibility has a name known as virtual reality.

Virtual Reality has arrived as one of the most significant technological advancements for businesses today because it has an unequaled capacity for producing the most impressive online and smartphone interfaces. The technology uses computer models to construct a 3D experience for users in the physical world.

This innovative technology is now viewed as a new phenomenon in the field of app development; a vast number of customers are already drawn, which suggests that more companies continue to use this technology. It is not shocking that most are choosing to invest in this innovative technology for the development of smartphones, tablets, and wearable apps. Many businesses are designing interactive mobile apps, and many start-ups have done a decent job, each of them competing to illustrate its distinctive innovations and principles.

Currently, there are various app development companies which taking the benefits of this innovative technology to develop VR apps across different sectors. So, through this blog, we are going to discuss the best VR app development companies along with their basic information.

Top 10 Virtual Reality App Developers

1. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a highly experienced team of Virtual Reality developers with over 2500 mobile apps for enterprise, e-commerce, Augmented Media, Enhanced Media, and IoT. The team follows the approaches to better fulfill the business priorities for virtual reality technology growth.

The company blends combinations, imagination, and research to provide its users with the latest virtual reality facilities. The VR developers of the company have a wide variety of technical expertise and can also create some high-quality VR applications both for consumers and for company ventures.

Specialized on VR app creation, it provides creative, inventive and productive Virtual environment applications and solutions with cutting edge technologies.

Founded: 2011

Employees: 250

Hourly rates: <$25

2. SubVRsive

SubVRsive is a leading VR app development company and can be considered as a trusted development partner for forward-looking and creative brands. They also enabled some of the world’s leading companies to reach a successful ROI through their team’s extensive experience in new technology such as designing virtual reality apps.

The company knows very well how to use technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality in interactive goods and services as expected by its consumers.

Founded: 2015

Employees: 30+

Hourly rates: <$30

3. Clavax

Clavax is a pioneering California-based web and mobile app technology firm offering the latest solutions. They also have a presence in Australia intending to reach more consumers worldwide. With several of the biggest brands, such as Aurora Lightings, Auction, Honeywell and VTI Instruments, they have successfully developed many applications for the success of their business.

More than 450 + projects have been shipped to over 150 + customers. They are a team of skilled and knowledgeable developers. The company is a community of technology pioneers and inventors committed to building the physical world for your deviant thoughts.

Founded: 2011

Employees: 250+

Hourly rates: <$30

4. Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions, known as a total powerhouse in advance technologies, having a great platform for delivering mobile and web applications filled with top features. The business has recruited the leading smartphone and web technology developers. Due to their robust applications, they become the most trusted VR app development companies for global clients.

The development approach blends with strategic planning, a fantastic range of technologies, booming development and daily assistance for the benefit of our clients.

Founded: 2007

Employees: 125+

Hourly rates: <$25

5. Talespin

It is the best VR app developments company that beliefs in delivering innovative and best tech solutions for clients so that their clients can fulfill their business needs through a robust mobile app. To encourage businesses to prepare, understand and collaborate further, Talespin incorporates digital technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and multi-faceted reality.

Talespin’s developers allow Fortune 500 consumers to use digital technologies to create a more engaging and productive workforce.

Founded: 2015

Employees: 50

Hourly rates: $30 – $50

6. TechJini

TechJini is a global pioneer in the development of mobile applications. It specializes in next-generation technology including smartphones, cloud, Internet-of-things, VR, AR, CGI, and massive data networks.

By exploiting the fast growth of the web, the firm has become a global player with millions of touchpoints a day, both in enterprise and consumer-oriented applications.

Founded: 2005

Employees: 200+

Hourly rates: $50 – $90

7. XMOD, Inc

XMOD, INC. is a company that for more than six years has been creating virtual reality applications for corporations around the world. Their design team acquired extensive expertise in augmented reality and produces prototypes for software firms, engineers and building businesses.

With their huge experience in the IT sector, they can fulfill the need of the client’s business, and that is the reason most of the big organizations hire VR app developers from XMOD, Inc.

Founded: 2016

Employees: 30+

Hourly rates: <$50

8. FS Studio

They are worthy of achieving their customers ‘ goals. Their expertise is emerging technologies and specialized app design. They easily handle every technical issue with their experience in the IT field. That’s why most of the clients trust on FS Studio for the development of top-notch software products.

Through their VR apps, they fulfill the needs of clients and deliver them a great VR experience.

Founded: 2015

Employees: 30+

Hourly rates: <$40

9. Let’s Nurture

Launched in 2008, Let’s Nurture offers advanced IT technologies to grow the worldwide effective app development services. They have a team of specialists in the areas of configuration, product upgrades, and device management and migration.

They have a team of seasoned cloud & mobile app professionals with over 10 years of established experience providing complex applications and consistent network maintenance. They are the IT contracting and consultancy firms for a wide variety of vertical catering industries.

Founded: 2008

Employees: 125+

Hourly rates: <$25

10. Octal IT Solution

The most recognize VR app Development Company is Octal IT Solution. They are highly committed to the business of their clients to consider their market and their target. The team at Octal IT Solution welcomes customer suggestions and uses their expertise to accomplish the aim and dream of the client’s project.

Since the beginning, they have received several awards and grants, and with the help of their developers, they have created more than 500 applications for startups & Fortune 500 businesses.

Founded: 2010

Employees: 150+

Hourly rates: <$25


These are some of the leading virtual reality app developers who are highly known for providing their clients with worldwide outstanding VR device development services. Also, we would like to point out that this list was only compiled after interviewing several customers who collaborated with these VR software companies to build their VR projects and then collected input on the experience.

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