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Top 10 Safety Apps For Women

From the past couple of years, mobile applications have changed the way we deal with women’s safety. The growing number of crimes around the world has planted a sense of fear in the mind of people. Women do not feel safe working late hours and coming home at night time. These doubts and issues have eventually resulted in several deadlines and strict rules which women have to obey. These rules and laws are affecting the confidence level in a young woman, and are somehow making them feel low. To relieve worries of family members, and to enhance the confidence of women a variety of applications are rolled out in the market and offer different features.

Here in this write-up, we are going to talk about the top 10 Safety Apps for Women that offer various amazing features that protect women in every possible situation. Let us have a look at the gathered list of the Best Women Safety apps that proffer a lot of helpful features and functionalities.


10 Best Safety Apps For Women


1. Eyewatch SOS for Women

It is an excellent women safety app that helps them in sending audio and video messages instantly.  With this mobile app, you can create a video of the critical situation and sends it to the programmed contacts provided in the app along with a ready to act message. Its different features make it a commendable application. The location tracking feature helps in reaching the correct location.

  • Offer accurate location details
  • App can work without GPRS
  • Location-specific accuracy

2. SpotnSave Feel secure

It is a well-known safety application used all across. It is trouble-free to send alert messages with SpotnSave Feel secure app. The location fetching feature helps the security team to reach on the location in a few minutes. The finest part of using this app is that even the mobile phone is not close to you in the difficult condition, you can still use the wristband offered by the app to alert your family and friends about the situation.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Compatible
  • Location fetching feature
  • Wristband feature

3. My SafetiPin

When it comes to safety- My SafetiPin is the Best Women Safety Apps, amid all the applications developed for the safety of the women. The app serves all the fundamental functions like tracking the GPS location and calling emergency contact numbers whenever needs. This individual Safety app is available in different languages, and in case of an urgent situation, you can select any language as per needs.

  • Accessible in different languages
  • Easy to check safe routes
  • GPS tracking system
  • Calling emergency numbers

4. bSafe – Personal Safety App

Without a doubt, it is one of the best women safety apps that provide women with paramount safety. It provides women safety in the most unpleasant circumstances. You can send an instant video recording to your friends and family and can notify them about the condition. Even the GPS feature helps you to share the live location. Even the SOS feature embedded in the bSafe app helps you to send the emergency message along with GPS location to all the pre-listed contacts.

  • Automatic video recording
  • Voice activation feature
  • GPS location
  • SOS feature

women safety apps

5. CitizenCop- Best Security App

In the present time reporting a crime is significant to get help right away. With the CitizenCop app, you can share the crime information at the earliest and can safeguard yourself. It is a security app that is ideal for reporting a crime when you face any sort of unfavorable situation that can be harmful. The app is intended to preserve the security of women and other people in danger.

  • Emergency calling feature
  • Reporting criminal or illegal activity
  • Location sharing feature


6. SOS App

It is a 3-star app that provides absolute women Safety. The app is designed to offer safety to senior citizens and women. The list of Top 10 Safety Apps for Women cannot be complete without this app. The app is user-friendly and can be used by adult people for security reasons. It primarily focuses more on medical issues because their team has a widespread network to save the people.

  • Alert multiple contacts
  • Best medical emergency app
  • GPS tracker
  • Quick response
  • Message sending feature

7. OnWatch

This app provides some extended protection from the outer world. The app can be used anytime when you are feeling any danger, or need emergency support. The app offers an instant solution for medical reasons. The best part of this app that the user can comprise all the imperative information so that the reporting person gets details about the emergency.

  • GPS location
  • Can send emergency messages
  • Social media integration



8. Smart 24×7

In case you are looking for an app that provides you with complete safety and that too 24*7, then Smart 24×7 is the Best Safety Apps For Women. With the help of this app, you can call the police using the panic button option. Even the app uses in-built GPS sensors that help family and friends to check the location. In case due for any reason, the GPS feature is not working then, the app also offers an SMS feature to send messages.

  • Tracking
  • Customer care and chat option
  • Records audio and video
  • Panic button feature
  • GPRS
  • SMS facility
  • Tracking facility


9. Chilla

It is one of the best women’s safety app as you don’t need to call anyone. As the name suggests, the app robotically activates once you shout. The app activates with your loud voice, and the app sends a ready to act message to the helpline website and the family members. Additionally, this application also sends messages to family contacts when you hold the power button of your mobile device 5 times.

  • Send SMS to the family and friends
  • Pre-created contacts list
  • Automatically activated


10. Raksha, A Women’s Safety App

Raksha app is the last app in the Top 10 Safety Apps For Women list, but this app provides complete safety measures to everyone across the world. The app has GPS feature enabled in it that gives its users the absolute power to inform the intended contact numbers with the precise location.

  • Easy to find the nearest police station
  • Enabled GPS tracking system
  • Message feature


Overall, all the women safety apps discussed in this blog are offering some exclusive features which make them handy in complicated situations. All the listed apps right away send your message to the police helpline number and your contacts. This way you can inform them about the ongoing activities. As per the current scenario, safety apps are the need of the hour, and it is important to install these apps in your phone to feel safe and secured when traveling alone.

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