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Media Toolbox App ReviewThe arrival of mobile apps changes our life and now for everything we depend on mobile apps. Whatever we want to do, mobile apps assist us and provide us everything with just a click. Now the way of entertainment also changes and we love to spend time on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more.
In our free time, we all love to watch videos and entertain ourselves through it. Now, most of the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have a story feature that allows you to share posts and videos for a day. Sometimes it happens that, our friends share a video and we like it, but can’t able to download and at last we request him to send it.

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But with the arrival of various apps that allows you to download such videos makes it easy, and the best available app for it in an app store is Media Toolbox.

About the Media Toolbox App:

One of your friends share the video and you loved it, but you can’t able to download it and even you can’t ask him to send it. Then don’t be panic, open the app store in your smartphone and download the best available app; Media Toolbox to save his video on your storage. It is the best add-free toolbox for social media that offers everything in a single app and you can say that it is the first such tool for different social media apps.
To get the benefits of the app, you need to download it and it is not necessary to sign up, but if you done it then you avail extra services. Now you can use it to watch videos of different kinds and also able to download the posts from different social media platforms.

Features of the Media Toolbox App:

The Media Toolbox offers you lots of features that allow you to get a better app experience and you are able to use the better services of the app. So, the various features of the app are;

1. WhatsApp Status Saver:

There is not any option available in the WhatsApp which allows you to save the status share by your friend. The only option you have to request your friend and get the status. But now no need to request for WhatsApp status. With the help of the Media Toolbox, you can download the status and also save it on your device.

How to Use WhatsApp Status Saver Features?

To use this feature, you need to first watch the status of your friend from WhatsApp, then open the Media Toolbox app and choose the option of WhatsApp Status card. Here you will get that status in the list and now you can easily save the status or directly repost it. So, it becomes easy for you to get the WhatsApp status on your storage.

2. Instagram Posts Downloader:

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to share anything and sometimes being a user; we like something more attractive and want to download it. So, the Media Toolbox app allows you to download videos and images from Instagram and you can also repost it.

How to Use Instagram Posts Downloader Features?

You need to tap on three dot icon on the app and then a popup appears in front of you. Here you need to click on Copy link or Share link. Once you clicked on copy link then paste it on the Media Toolbox app and now you are able to download post by tapping on download. But if you clicked on Share link then select the Media Toolbox from the following apps.

3. YouTube Videos:

The app doesn’t allow you to download the videos from YouTube because of policy violations. But you can get it, you just need to spend time. To enable this feature you have to first open the app and then click on three dot menu present in the Home Screen.

How to Use YouTube Videos Features?

You need to click on ‘About’ and then click on your app logo 5 times. By following this procedure you can unlock YouTube.

Tech Stack:

Media Toolbox Tech StackConclusion:

Media Toolbox is the best app to download the posts from different social media platforms and the best thing is that it is open-source and you can easily get it. In upcoming updates, the app will be going to add some advanced features to make it better for users. So, don’t wait much and download the Media Toolbox app to download the best post on your device.



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