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We are now living in an age of emerging innovations. Each of our research is linked with technology, from the start of the day to the finish. It is now always quick to connect with friends and family who are far away from us.

We can effectively build a successful friendship with others with social media applications. There are numerous social media applications that enable us to interact in our smartphone with others, exchange photos, videos and collect information from around the world.

A social medium app allows reducing the distance between communities and encourages them to share their experiences with people around the world. Yet in such systems, privacy is a major concern. But now don’t need to worry as the latest social media app MeWe allows connecting with friends and sharing images simple and securely. Using this app you can enjoy advance features of social media with better security and experience.

About the app

MeWe is one of the popular social media app to provide users with anonymity and better social media experience. Only start your mobile, open the app store and download the app, as both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store give you an update of the app.

MeWe is an up-to-date, trust, power, and enjoy social network. It is the only social network with both the affection and privacy features of social media users. No ads, no goals, and no BS are available! MeWe are where people can be their real selves without being spied on, threatened or abused. MeWe participants own their data and consumers are not manipulating or exchanging data to benefit us.

Using this app you can enjoy various social media features and the important thing is that you don’t have to think about the privacy of data as all the information is securely saved and no one can target your data without your permission.


MeWe is a fun, state-of-the-artist app through which users enjoy to communicate to friends, family and mutual interest communities including newsfeeds, profiles, private one-on-one, and community conversations, secret and free group chat; material that disappears, stories; MeWe videos with a dual camera (not accessible on any other social network); GIF Custom camera; live voices and live photos; next-generation voice messages; personal social networking, 3000+ free emojis, doodles, and many more to enjoy.

MeweDigital media is increasingly growing and is replacing the social media market with a business model dubbed “Freemium” that opposes all ads, personalized content, election intervention, facial recognition, identity monetization, and media exploitation. MeWe users have complete power of what they and their information and data exchange.

MeWe users have complete power of what they and their information and data exchange. There is no facial recognition on the next-generation social networking site and no reporting or content management on other social media sites. MeWe participants see all the posts, conversations, comments, etc. generated in real-time by individuals, websites, and communities with which they are associated.

MeWe is the social network app for those who want to have fun, authentically connect and exchange thoughts that are identical and different in the sense of trust, power, and security.

MeWe has millions of users and is available on iOS, Android and mobile in 19 languages worldwide.

MeWe provides unique, easy-to-use functionality for genuine links to friends, families and community groups, including dedicated newsfeeds for close friends and other contacts; exclusive and free communities; fan and company sections.

The app provides hidden content; the fun custom camera that has interesting stuff and GIF creation; live voice and live video for worldwide connections; voice messages for next-generation; social cloud personnel; custom user profiles for each group; and more.


MeWe was named a 2020 Most Innovative Social Media Company by Fast Company, a 2019 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine, and Start-Up of the Year Finalist at SXSW.

MeWe users own their data and enjoy MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights protection. MeWe is founded by network creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee and world-renowned private life champion Mark Weinstein, CEO of MeWe.

Premium sticker sets for EmojiOne.com can be found in the Store MeWe. JoyPixels Inc.  Copyright 2019.

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Last Updated: 16th March 2020

Size: 16 MB

OS: 5.0 and up

Category: Social media


MeWe is the upgraded and next-generation Social Network app with awesome social features and No BS, No newsfeed manipulation, No Targeting, and No ads. It is the best app if someone looking for top-notch social features with proper security and better user experience. With the use of the app, you can easily communicate with your friends and see the news from all over the world. MeWe is the complete package for users who are looking for the best social media app.

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