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Newest Social Media Platform With Immersive Features

In recent times, one social media application that has made all the right noises is MeWe. As mentioned, MeWe is a social networking application that lets users share photos and messages privately.

The app rose to prominence recently as the ex-president of US Donald Trump supporters seeking new platforms to keep away from Twitter and Facebook. MeWe is termed as the GenX social community and facilitates its gross sales pitch to the new customers. One of the most promising things about this app is it is ad-free and also offers no targeting and no news feed manipulation.

The application was launched on May 16, 2012, as a microblogging and social networking service. On the privacy front, MeWe satisfies all parameters as the app is trying its level best to provide users with a privacy-friendly and trustworthy platform where users are free to express their views online.

MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights says the organization does not “manipulate, filter, or change the order of your newsfeeds.” The app does not contain any ads and “receive targeted third-party advertisements or targeted third-party content.” 

When it comes to news and social media platforms, MeWe currently has attained the top spot on the iOS App Store with 4.4 stars out of 5. On Google Play Store, it has fetched 4.1 stars out of 5 and has more than a million downloads on the platform.


Who owns MeWe?

Launched in 2012, the highly secured MeWe helps users enjoy social media without third-party apps. For those who are wondering about the ownership of MeWe, the application is owned by Sgrouples Inc., and the co-founders are Mark Weinstein and Jonathan Wolfe. Mark Weinstein is the CEO of MeWe.


MeWe vs Parler

In recent times, MeWe is giving Parler a run for their money in the new section. Parler has been one of the best options to switch to in terms of freedom to express one’s ideas, and Trump supporters in the USA have been using Parler proficiently.

People who are politically sound and well-versed in politics have showered great support for Parler. They have been using Parler as a platform to raise their voice and focused on people’s rights. However, the users who are not so political are in search of a platform that is not politically concentrated and provides better features. This is the reason why they have switched to MeWe.


Features Of MeWe

Below are some of the interesting features of MeWe a user can look forward to,

  • The app allows you to share your world online in the form of images, videos, and much more
  • You are the owner of your content. You have the authority of controlling your interactions, designs, and level of privacy
  • Privacy is the foundation of MeWe. They are focused on providing their users with full proof and secured online experience
  • With MeWe, you can be your authentic self. You do not need to be different at all
  • The app does not share or sell your personal information to advertisers or marketers. MeWe is ad-free with no BS, no newsfeed manipulation
  • You can share content only with those whom you want. It’s your personal life, and you can make it private if you want

MeWe has been making all the right noises in uplifting GenX social network. The app is induced with some exciting features, and people have accepted it with both hands. The members can own their data and enjoy MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights. It is one such social networking app for people who want to have fun, communicate authentically, and share like-minded ideas that are trustable and safe.


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Time to wrap up: 

The exciting social media application is crafty and gaining huge numbers in terms of downloads and popularity. We all know Facebook is dominating the world of social media, but MeWe has come up with an x-factor especially, in terms of security. The download numbers increased enormously after the declaration of US Presidential elections 2020 as many users shifted shifting from the medium in search of free speech and privacy. We have managed to describe all the basic features and a comparison between MeWe and Parler in this comprehension. We hope you get it right about MeWe now and will be giving this app worth a try.

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