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A Detailed Insight Of Microsoft Clarity Tool

Microsoft has announced the release of its latest web analytics tool, named Clarity. It is an analytical tool that provides site owners with visual heatmaps, filters, session paybacks, and metrics to help them improve their user experience and also help the website managers improve their website.

Clarity, as the name suggests gives a clear understanding to the website managers of the users visiting their websites.

Developers views about the ‘Clarity’ tool

The developers have given their views on this tool. This tool has been created to ease down the efforts of website managers and owners by helping them in knowing about the modifications they should be looking forward to implementing on their websites to boost traffic. It will also show which part of the website has the highest and lowest engagements along with the debugging of sites.

Let’s have a deep insight into the tool,

The dashboard

The Clarity tool dashboard gives an overview of,

  • How many users were clicking on non-existent links
  • The number of users who scrolled the page in search of something they couldn’t locate easily
  • How much an average user spends navigating your site

The heatmaps: Clickmaps and Scrollmaps

Microsoft Clarity offers two types of heatmaps, i.e. Clickmaps and Scrollmaps. Clickmaps help in pointing out which content on your page visitors tend to attract the most. On the other hand, scrollmaps tell you whether visitors are viewing the content you want them to see.

The Filtering mechanism

Apart from the typical filters like OS, country, timeframe, browser, etc. Microsoft Clarity also uses machine learning and identify dead clicks, rage clicks, and excessive clicks across the dashboard, heatmaps, and session recordings.

The Rage Clicks occur when a user repeatedly clicks on a particular section of the page. – This may help categorize parts of a page that are counterintuitive for users.

Session Playbacks

The session playbacks help in viewing the recordings of an individual session and also allows site owners and designers to examine user behavior as it takes place. The session playbacks invaluably identify edge cases and inform better site design decisions.

Merits of using Microsoft’s Clarity tool

The Clarity tool is new in the market but possesses various advantages. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

Fast and ConvenientThe best thing about the Clarity tool is, it is user friendly. It is easy to use for even non-technical users. The tool provides extensive ease of working, and you can never find any complexities in using it. Also, it does not cause unnecessary load on your page to make sure that users don’t have to wait for a long time to visit your entire website.

Heatmaps and session replayAs mentioned above, Clarity offers two heatmaps namely, clickmaps and scrollmaps. It also gives detailed knowledge of user behavior via heatmaps.

On the other hand, the session-replays is also capable of recording and replaying the activities of the user that visited your website. With session replays, you can understand the pattern of upcoming traffic to your site.

Insight Dashboard

The insight dashboard helps in monitoring the website and also manage the traffic routes. With this, you can figure out how many people visited the site and whether they were able to find what they were looking for. All-in-all it helps in managing websites professionally.

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Microsoft Clarity Analytics vs Google Analytics

We all are aware of Google Analytics and how it has taken the market by storm. There is no doubt it is the best analytics solution in the market today, but Microsoft Clarity is good too. Clarity focuses on the visualization of user interactions with heatmaps and session recordings, whereas, Google Analytics helps you track almost anything on your website. It also has conversion tracking, enhanced eCommerce tracking, detailed reports, etc. Having both these tools can be really good for your website. Both working in tandem will boost your website’s functionality effectively.

Time to wrap up: 

Microsoft Clarity comes with some extensive features that help grow your business digitally by driving more and more traffic to your website. More traffic will result in better productivity, and you can optimize your website or online store experience to improve user experience and boost sales. We hope this article has helped you in learning a lot about Microsoft Clarity.

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