Thursday, June 1, 2023
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From the last few months, Microsoft began working on a new experiment and the experiment is for new office app for mobile users. This experiment helps in bringing the popular office services together into one unified app and provides a better service of unified office apps to its users.
The last November, Microsoft comes with the idea of a unified app and they start testing it by releasing it only for few users. It was available entirely to office Insiders and after testing on a small group of users, they thought that it can be released for everyone. Recently, from the reports of Android Police, it is found that the company is launching the unified app for everyone as now users can get the app from the play store. With the release of this app from Microsoft, users can able to access the office app on their mobile devices.
Regardless of it that all of you are highly comfortable with Microsoft or Google’s group of productivity apps, still you have to download a group of additional apps for your work based on the documents, spreadsheets, and presentation. This all is due to the reason that there is not an app that can offer all these services in a single app and that’s why you have to download extra apps for each service.

Unified Office App Launched by Microsoft
But it was not the case with Google Drive app as this was an all in one hub for different work based on docs, slides, and sheets for Android users. But after its division into separate apps, you have to download only what you required.
Now Microsoft is also following the same path as Google by firstly releasing the separate apps for word, excel, and PowerPoint. But now the company is going to merge all these functions on one Microsoft office app. With word, excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft Office for Android is also going to include One drive connectivity as well as support for sign up and scanning PDF files.

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In this latest release of the Unified app, there is something more than your expectation as now you can easily share your files to nearby devices as we have seen in the Google app and also in the QR code scanner. Another feature on the app is oddball which allows you to jot down the muggy notes. Such type of notes is synced through your Microsoft account and can easily access from the Windows 10.
Still, there is an issue with this app as it is not working properly on tablet devices. The previous record of Microsoft in the tablet was fantastic and it always able to deliver the fantastic experience to its users across the separate office apps. But in the new app, there is not UI optimized for the tablet.

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