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As we know the Redmond, Washington based multinational company Microsoft has been working on its edge browser for a long time. The users of Windows 10 must be happy to know that finally, the company has rolled out its new chromium-based edge browser for its users. Microsoft New Chromium Based Edge Browser rolled out to all Windows users with the most recent Home windows replace. In January the multinational company launched a brand new Edge browser for Home windows 10 customers and now replaced it with the corporate help web page. Previously the user obtained the update manually and was only available to 1903 and 1909 Windows 10 models but now the company made it available for all its users worldwide. News was confirmed by a Microsoft support article according to which the update is now available on Windows Update, and will soon reach its more than 1 billion Windows, 10 users.

In addition to the above, the new Chromium-based version of Edge launched in January will now be automatically installed on the device of the Windows users while earlier the users need to obtain it manually by going to settings> security> update section. Simply means that covers the cosmic majority of versions of Windows 10 that are at present supported, meaning it should begin showing up in Windows Update for everybody soon. Microsoft Edge Browser Update is a slow but sure rollout, so you might not see it right away on Windows Update but surely your device gets updated in upcoming days.

Improvements In The Microsoft Edge Browser Update

The Redmond, Washington based multinational company Microsoft has step by step improving the issues in the Edge in recent months to provide its users with the best update. The issues include the ability to sync extensions as in the update history and tab sync is not supporting but the company has promised to fix all these issues in some time.

Edge Browser Features

Along with fixing errors, the company is also planning to add some new features in its Microsoft New Chromium Based Edge Browser. The company is planning to bring a new sidebar search feature, vertical tabs, and Pinterest integration to New Chromium Based Edge Browser in the coming months. The Washington based company is also working with Google to improve its spellchecker and scrolling support features.

According to the latest reports, the company is working continuously to provide its users with the best possible update. The company team of experts is working on getting better Progressive Web Apps (PWA) support in the Edge browser.

It is confirmed the news as per the Microsoft support page, the new Microsoft Edge browser comes with support for the most modern web applications, and prevailing developer tools across the entire supported operating system platforms. The Windows 10 update will reach the users with some powerful rendering capabilities that offer a seamless experience to its users. There are various things in this new update, and this is the reason the company wants to make the transition from the existing browser to the new Chromium-based version of Edge fully flawless.

The Redmond, Washington based company Microsoft support page states that:

1. In New Edge Browser update by Microsoft, the Windows users Will Get a Contextual Search Experience

2. The taskbar pins and Start menu, and shortcuts will shift to the new Edge browser from the existing browser.

3. New Chromium Edge browser update will change the existing browser in the taskbar if the present one has been pinned by the user.

4. The window users most of the protocols that Microsoft Edge handles will automatically move to updated Microsoft Edge.

5. When the device of the Windows user updates the First Run Experience (FRE) will automatically-launch on the device after the restart process.

6. Window 10 users don’t need to panic about the saved passwords or favorites tabs as all the data will be restored in the new Chromium Edge browser.

7. The basics requirements for the Microsoft Edge Browser Update for users updating from Windows 10 version is the OS Build 18362.418- October 8, 2019 – KB4517389 update. Edge browser update like all other major updates will also be rolled out in batches and will reach all the users in some time.

Here You Can Download- Microsoft’s New Chromium Based Edge Browser For Windows 10

The company has been working on this update for a very long time now and previously working on the beta version of the update. The update was first made available for macOS and Windows users in the August month. After that, in the first quarter of this year, the company finally released the new edge browser for the Windows users, but at times they have to download it manually.

Later the company decided to start bundling the new Chromium version of Edge with Windows 10 update to users who own an official license of Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10. In March, the company support articles informed users and administrators that the older Edge browser is soon going to replace with the fresh Chromium-based browser. The updates will be accessible for Windows 10 v1803 Windows 10 v2004 systems.

The company every year comes with some new updates to boost the user experience and there are at present a few different updates already rolling out so it depends on the Windows version you are using. The company also suggested its users to which update you should be on previous to installing the Windows browser edge Update. For now, the new update is not accessible through the Microsoft website but soon will be available to all users.

a. KB4559309 — If you are running Windows 10 versions then update to Windows 10 version 1803 to 2004.

b. KB4541302 – For Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909 you need KB4517389- October 8, 2019 update

c. KB4541301 — For Windows 10 version 1803 and 1809 the company recommended the KB4525237 and KB4523205 November 12, 2019 updates for the users so that they can update this new browser update

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Right now the company is busy with the Microsoft Chromium based browser update. It is for sure that Microsoft will most likely never live down the Internet Explorer browser, but the feature mentioned in the Microsoft’s New Chromium Based Edge Browser makes it a solid browser that captivates the attention of users. In case you haven’t tried the update till now then you really should try it out to experience the new features. It will be interesting to see whether this new Chromium Based Edge Browser can rival Google Chrome in any way as it’s only getting better with each passing day.

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