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MirrorFly App Review

There’s always been a connectivity hitch for the remote workforce to connect, collaborate, and progress work effectively. Most of our organizations consider purchasing or registering collaboration software to improve interaction and productivity when everyone is working from home. You know that any organization experiencing poor collaboration results in stress in work, work operation & more. Thus a real-time collaboration app like MirrorFly ensures to provide all the necessary communication mediums for enterprise, Small, and Mediums businesses to connect their employees from any part of the world to work together.

Collaboration apps are, of course, an excellent tool for any organization related to project management, team discussion, and many more; thus, it requires a robust security infrastructure. MirrorFly Collaboration App is entirely an end-to-end encrypted application with multiple login authentications to protect every piece of data. Since the MirrorFly chat provides all the essential tools and features to collaborate effectively, so here’s a complete MirrorFly review based on its capability.

The Infrastructure & Tech Stacks Used in MirrorFly Collaboration Application

Most of the collaboration apps have drastically transformed today’s work culture, since it’s all about time management and looping everyone in one dashboard. Whatever the employee or user count, MirrorFly’s messaging infrastructure has been designed to hold millions of concurrent users and messages over its servers.

The Typical Tech Stack of MirrorFly’s Collaboration App

MirrorFly Chat-client-side-database➔ Erlang Latest Version – A Programming language for processing messages at low latency.

➔ Ejabberd Server – Operational efficiency with the help of XMPP

➔ YAWS – Yet Another Web Server, handling concurrent user base.

➔ Mnesia DB – Storing of images, messages, files, documents running on the app.

➔ AWS – Cloud storage for storing media files.

➔ WebRTC – Protocol for making video conferences

➔ SIP & VoIP – Protocols used to make real-time voice and carrier network calls from any device.

Features of MirrorFly’s Collaboration App

MirrorFly App Review

MirrorFly comes with all the essential features to collaborate and helps teams to keep track of the conversation, project management. These features run effectively on multiple platforms and devices where the entire team can stay in the loop and get connected from anywhere and any device.


  • One-to-one Messaging
  • Group Messaging
  • Open and Private Channels
  • Real-time Notification
  • File Transfer
  • Message Broadcast

Virtual Collaboration

  • One-to-one video call
  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Recording
  • Whiteboard
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Broadcasting

Voice Communication

  • Voice Conferencing
  • SIP Calling
  • VoIP Calling
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Private Voice Calling


Team collaboration, Video Calling, Video Conferencing, Team Chat App, Chat rooms, Video and Voice chat app

Operating System

Windows (All versions), Apple iOS (All Versions), Android (All versions), Browser Support – Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, etc.

A glimpse of MirrorFly Collaboration solution in 48 sec 

It Has Major Benefits for Industries and Organizations

MirrorFly Collaboration app supports major industries like Internal organization, Healthcare communication, eLearning platforms, Media and Entertainment Industry, Team chat, and many more use cases.

Internal Organizational Communication

MirrorFly’s platform can be customized based on the features required for any organization to excel their collaboration and productivity by connecting employees from different regions. Video conferencing helps to host virtual meetings, webinars, sales presentations, and many more. The group and channel chat help the team to stay informed and proactive about the projects.

Healthcare & Medical Communication

Since the MirrorFly app is built end-to-end encrypted and HIPAA compliant, it can be used to perform doctors’ and patients’ interactions. The collaboration app ensures to connect doctors and physicians over video calls, chat to get treatment during this COVID-19 crisis. Doctors can make video conferencing to collaborate with global doctors located across regions for transmitting knowledge regarding treatment.

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e-Learning Platforms

MirrorFly collaboration apps can be used for educational purposes by connecting teachers and students to collaborate and engage in learning sessions. MirrorFly app is integrated with a real-time virtual whiteboard to deliver classroom-like teaching experience to students from any device (Web or Mobile). It also helps trainers to host webinars and meetings to train trainees on vocational courses.

Get Your Collaboration Up Running With MirrorFly

MirrorFly’s collaboration app is also available as a complete communication solution that can be customized for different modes of communication irrespective of industries. The communication solution is a one-time payment where you don’t need to subscribe to or pay-as-you-go modes. You can own the entire app based on your requirements. MirrorFly collaboration app provides an unlimited user base, data to make unlimited video callings, video conferencing, and real-time chats.

Website: MirrorFly Collaboration App

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