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Mobile congress today is a 3-day conclave starting from 14 Oct 2019 in New Delhi where all telecom operators and other handset makers will emphasize their most up-to-date offerings. It will be quite interesting to know about all the offerings these businesses are going to launch in the upcoming time. From a connected car that is completely dependent on your driver through voice command to a small version of an airport that runs on 5G technologies that are surely a next-generation technology approach. The telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers are set to demonstrate a variety of 5G applications at the 3rd edition of the India Mobile Congress in New Delhi on 14 Oct 2019.

Mobile Congress Spotlight on 5G Apps
In addition to the above, the mobile congress inaugural session will be attended by top executives of the telecom department. The 3-day flagship event, to be also attended by Telecom Minister Ravi Shanker Prasad and by the honorable Commerce Minister Pays Goyal will also be present in the event. At present Huawei, which is under inspection globally over 5G network security concerns, will display a minute glimpse of a 5G connected airport additionally to other smart transport solutions. The leading executives of the telecom operators will attend the inaugural flagship three-day event.

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At present Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio will showcase solutions from their IoT ecosystem and some industrial 5G apps. Vodafone’s idea is at present India’s largest operator by subscriber base and it will demonstrate consumer internet of solutions apart from connected car Kia Seltos which has about thirty-seven features under 5 separate sections i.e. safety, navigation, and security, vehicle management, remote control, and convenience. These smart features include Artifical intelligence voice command feature, immobilization, auto collision notification, stolen vehicle tracking, and SOS-emergency assistance, remote engine start and in-car air quality monitor.

This car monitoring feature will also come equipped with some major safety alerts that help to maintain several security things for the user. If put in simple words, we can say that a connected car will get flawless connectivity features which permits a host of features which that will make driving a safer and easier experience. With these features, a user can also stay updated with all the notifications on over-speeding, fuel usage, and prevent accidents. The 3-day event is being held against the conditions of a harsh war of words that exploded last week after Jio said it will start charging for calls, breaking their promise to keep voice calls free for its customers all through.

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