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Mobile Strategy
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Mobile Application Strategy

Fluper builds interactive, intelligent and most affordable Mobile App Development solutions currently present in market which guaranteed ensure revenue generation, we understand and respect the guidelines required to ensure mobile app quality, performance for optimum business value generation.

  • Fluper's Strategize to Take Your Business Ahead

  • Setting an Objective : The key segment for any methodology is to set a goal about the procedure of development. For Mobile App Development, it is significant to strategize before continuing further. Mobile Strategy incorporates both the obsession of targets too the approaches to be mixed. Thus, setting a goal or characterizing an objective for achievement is must.

  • Assessing the Company's Product Line : The following stride is to assess the general financial and industrial environment in which the association works. This incorporates an assessment of the associations focused position. Fluper conducts a subjective and quantitative examination of association's current product offering keeping in mind the end goal to build up the wanted application for it.

  • Setting Quantitative Targets : In this progression, we for all intents and purposes settle the quantitative target values for a portion of the authoritative destinations. The thought behind this is to contrast and long haul clients, in order to build up an item according to the prerequisites that caters the objectives of the customer.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

  • Execution of Strategies : Executing the techniques according to prerequisites is an important stride that requires the finish of the undertakings. The progressions made in strategizing the mobile app development are assessed according to the comprehension produced from the customers' end.

  • Execution Analysis : It is evaluated and assessed by breaking down the hole between the arranged and coveted execution. A basic assessment is done to evaluate the outline of the development that is completed for the venture with the significance to the customers' understandings.

  • Finalizing the Product : We recognize your thoughts identified with the tasks subsequently we do the basic assessment of each progression that is included in strategizing. We assessment all the main considerations identified with organization's product offering, objectives, qualities and so forth to bring the best answers for your business according to your prerequisites.

App Kickoff

Crucial Mobile App Planning is mandatory before intiallizing any mobile app process. Before engaging with mobile application development, we must first understand the crucial project app scope by thorough, organized, carefully analyzed approach in order to understand objectives and mobile app strategy vital to value generation.

App development Strategy Evaluation

App Analysis

Diversified Analysis and Complete Brainstroming of Mobile Application is crucial to understand the expectations in terms of performance, security, avaliability, risk factors associated, user interface, usability and scalability of mobile app can be met within the budget and process defined in the scope of work.

Streamline App Development

Post App Design and Layout finalization then App Development is started which further differentiates according to platforms or domains whether native or cross platform development needed or iOS, Android or Windows platforms are considered.

Backend Development ensures development of required databases, integrating web services and performing aggressive testing by running the code barring issues or errors are carried out. Process enlists:

  • Defining the Backend Structure.

  • Customization of User Experience.

  • Server Side Logic Development.

  • Platform centric Coding and Logic Implementation.

  • Data Integration.

  • Management of Users.

  • Push Notification Services.

  • App Data Synchronization.

Mobile App Design
Application design strategies

Perfect App Design

Major Step of Entire App Development is creation of initial app draft or blueprint through app wireframe which is a rough sketch of what to be implemented on screen.

Preliminary Mobile App Design Layout enables us to ensure all the design elements are covered to fix up design structure.

Once Design Structure is complete now tasks drifts towards mobile app UI/UX Design which defines the Graphical User Interface Design of App which is more than defining information covered through shape, color and design elements, more importantly placement and creativity matters with navigation, responsiveness, positioning, and user control.

Appropriate App Testing

Test Plan Sheet and Test Cases Generation with Performance Review sheet across multiple platforms and domains are further prepared to certify app quality, performance, scalability and future prospects.

App Testing is a tiresome task as it requires platform testings across platforms also device testing across multiple devices further future devices and platform planning in order to ensure future device compatibility.

App Testing strategy

App Support & Maintenance

After Support with App Project is necessity due to rapid increase in Mobile App Devices and Operating System Updates it is very much needed to provide Support and Maintenance to Client for future in order to ensure app is compatible and support further device versions.

Mobile App Delivery

Quick App Delivery

App Development Completion requires through App Code Documentation, with test plan documentation in order to ensure app project understanding to client for future usages.

At App Delivery we ensure client's through execute app on their mobile devices to ensure complete compatibility and support.

We ensure app to be completely tested through front end as well as back end in order to ensure client's idea execution. Also we further integrate the Back End and create Web Services at client's end at the time of app delivery to ensure complete client authenticity and authority.

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