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Listening to music has always been a pleasure to all but for some people, it is a way of meditation, a way to live life. Music refers to an expression that does make you feel better in the worst moment and work as a suitable companion in all moods. These days, when smartphones are our best friend to entertain us, good music apps instigates that entertainment dose a bit more. 

In this writing post, we will highlight our top listed 10 most popular and useful music apps in 2021. Now you have the power to live your life like a melody by listening to your favorite music at any time anywhere. 

  • Spotify:

Sweden-based music streaming app Spotify has achieved massive fame after its launch due to a huge library of podcasts, and music in its online music library. This app recently touches the 100 million users milestone as users can develop their favorite personalized playlists and they can add their friends too on the same playlist. In fact, it enables users to stream the latest music albums both online and they can download music offline. You will get a variety of music genres including meditation, sad music, and religious songs on Spotify that 4.5 and 4.8 rated on Google Play Store and App Store respectively. 

  • Apple Music:

Apple Music allows you to stream more than 60 million songs in various genres. This is one of the most famous music apps is best suited for iOS and Android devices. In this app, you can hear the radio, music, documentaries, and podcasts.  You can use this app with three months free trial pack and there you can make your profile to follow your friends. This app has been rated as 3.7 for Android devices. 

  • Shazam:

One of the most innovative and widely popular music streaming app because of its huge variety and 20+ language support including English, Hindi, German, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, and Russian.  It does not just stream music but it also has a tool that helps you to find and play the music. It is a completely free-of-cost app, just install it and enjoy uninterrupted music. Shazam has 4.9 ratings on App Store and in Google Play Store it has 4.4 ratings. 

  • SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is another great music streaming app to choose from the best apps. It enables you to listen to music, download, and share with your friends from your playlist collection. One interesting thing about SoundCloud is you can easily upload music on it. In order to get an ad-free uninterrupted music experience, users can go to its premium subscription plan. This app has its community of 20 million artists and more than 200 million music albums.

  • Bandcamp:

Across the world, Bandcamp gets huge fame among its fan base because of its wide variety of music streaming. Here, you can follow your favorite music album, artists and can purchase those songs with the merchandise. 

  • GarageBand:

GarageBand is exclusive music streaming app for macOS and iOS devices and music creators. You will have inbuilt touch tools that you can use to generate high-quality studio-type music with a smooth flow. It can be used for live DJ music, live loops, and more real-time music effects. 

  • Deezer:

Deezer consists of 56 million podcasts, playlists, and songs that appear with a song catcher feature to identify and understand different songs around users. It lets you listen to music for up to 320kbps quality. This app enables you to connect with Amazon Alexa and on other devices including Google Home. It has been installed more than 10 million times by Android users. 

  • Tidal:

Tidal appears with more than 70 million songs along with a 30 days free trial pack that you can hear both online and offline mode. You will never uninstall this app because of its huge range of songs collection in different genres and this is why it has got 4.2 ratings out of 5 stars on Google Play Store and 4.6 ratings on App Store.   

  • Musyc:

Musyc is one of the best-designed apps for iPhone device users that offers users two background skins White and Block. You can use this app in more than 10 different languages and it also allows you to stream and record songs with real-time audio.  

  • Amazon Music:

Amazon is a great free music streaming app that supports multiple devices including iOS, internet browsers, Android. This app consists of 70 million giant music library and all songs come with Ultra HD mode to deliver a high-end quality music experience for music lovers. You can also access and hear podcast and radio streaming channels without any cost. This app takes 4.4 ratings on Android and 4.7 ratings on the App Store.

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