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On-demand apps have certainly made a positive impact on people especially those residing in metropolitan and urban areas where everything is expected to happen at blink of an eye. On-demand apps have made the existence through booking of taxies, finding a right baby sitter, finding the parking slot or nearby gas station, home maintenance etc.

For instance Uber is one of the trending models which can easily be accommodated into almost every industry possible. The industry matured over the past few years are now widely used by the companies of all sizes and industries.

Why Fluper?

On-demand solution has reached to the Zenith’s height due to its wide encompassing solution which has been well fitted by the mobile app solution offered by Fluper. Reckoning the mobile first approach, we dedicate our days and nights to offer unmatchable user experience. We pioneer the digital transformation strongly aligning the on-demand economy. We are one of the top on-demand app Development Company possesses tremendous experience to fabricate efficient and outstanding on-demand service catering all the major platforms.

What makes us successful is our policy to understand the existing market and bring into the existence that are highly accommodative and reliable as well.

On-Demand App Development services

Destiny Of On-Demand

On demand solutions that has catered to 22.4 million consumers and has already expended $59.2 billion. In this pinnacle point, companies must leverage the on-evolving power of on-demand economy. What really influence your future success, is response to the customers’ demand of being 24*7 available when and where they need.


Taxi, Car Rental, Ride Share, Driver on demand, Truck, Bus, Bike Rentals, along with other services


Deliver Grocery, Food, Medicine, Flowers, etc. The Delivery is done at your doorstep at an affordable price.

Repairs and Maintenance

Carpenter on Demand, Plumber on Demand, Electrician on Demand, Mechanic on Demand, Mobile & Laptop Repair on Demand

Reservation and ticketing

Exhibition Halls, Event Tickets, Movie Tickets, Meeting on Demand, Space on Demand

Business services

Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, Lawyer, and Freelancer Services to serve you the best in the industry


Bus Booking, Hotel Booking, and Interpreter on demand, Home Accommodation, Tour Guide on demand


E-commerce has reached to the pinnacle point which has emphasized its existence to every organization

Home & Local Services

Pest Control, Laundry Cleaning, Interior designer, Event Planner, Babysitting, Birthday Planner, Wedding Photographer, etc.

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Why should I opt for on-demand technology for building my service?

On-demand accommodates well for “know your customer” which is one of the ongoing trend in order to stay in the agile ecosystem. If you are dealing with the business where a customer can request service or about the product, then on-demand solution holds something blissful and profitable for long-term.

I offer carpentry service. Should I consider building an on-demand service?

Gradually world is transforming into digital. What would be more blissful for your business and for customers, is to reach them doorsteps and bring them all possible delight. We take every step for on-board bandwagon by delivering innovative on-demand solution.

Will the solution you offer customisable as per my business requirements?

We chalk out every possible strategy in order to render personalised solution to our clients. We have a different solution with particular set of features according to each service vertical for instance your carpentry solution.

Will I be avail app analytics for my on-demand solution?

Absolutely. According to business requirement, we integrate third-party app analytics as per your business demand.

What strategies do you perform to make my app on top of the chart?

We strategies App Store optimisation in order to ensure that your app not only reach on top of the chart but render maximum benefits with increased Return of Investment.

Do you offer post launch services for my on-demand solution?

With the ultimate motive of offering smooth functioning, we offer extended services after launch so that the ultimate desire of yours do not get diverted and making it a delightful experience for the potential customers as well.

How much does it take to create a customisable mobile app solution?

Perhaps it depends on the features and functionalities you are intending to integrate, hence we divide the project into short milestones without getting the quality compromised. We take every possible step to adhere to the strict deadlines and it would take approximately 6-7 weeks to completely hand over the entire application.

What Makes Fluper Different?

Fluper is not Only an Idea, But a Dream to Meet Business Needs

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