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Online Food Delivery Apps- An ultimate solution to your never-ending cravings and satiety is just a matter of few taps and swipes. Invite your friends to binge-watch favorite series on NETFLIX while enjoying the delicacy of your favorite food delivered at the doorstep.

With the advent of smartphones technology, the demand for online food delivery apps is also witnessing a significant rise. Ever since the introduction of food delivery apps in the industry, people consider them as their second home.

Online food delivery apps have made routine lives of people a convenient way to take a break from the tired and busy lifestyles. These apps also offer the best food packed hygienically even for the ones who are diet conscious.

Top 10 Online Food Delivery Apps

From low-diet foods to delicious vegan meals, the following top 10 online food delivery apps have everything to offer to the ‘foodaholics’ all across the world.

Online Food Delivery Services In India

1. UberEats

Ever since 2016, UberEats is gaining massive popularity and increased sales in the world of online food delivery apps. The app also enables its users to choose from various restaurants in terms of cost, cuisines, starters, and perfect delivery time.

Enjoy quality food delivered at your comfort without hassle with the Uber Eats app. You can make the payment with your choice of payment methods like cash on delivery, by net banking, credit and debit cards and wallets.

The brand started its business from taxi-hailing services and now is working on delivering foods online. This online food service provider is doing wonders in more than 1000 cities and nations all over the world.

2. Zomato

Zomato is the choice of every ‘foodaholic’. Since its inception in the year 2008, the app has become a favorite place to order their food online with exclusive offers and attractive discounts.

From small to large scale restaurants and cafés, the Zomato app has tie-ups with top brands in the food industry. At present, the Zomato app delivers services in over 24 nations all across the globe.

Zomato food delivery app provides a curated list of the top restaurants to its food lovers. Not only does it provide the best restaurant options, but it has also become a social network for food lover’s needs and wants. Above all, the reviews of on Zomato app depict why users prefer this app for online food.

IOS and Android users can take the best advantage of this app to deal with their hunger calls. These are some of the handful of reasons why Zomato is among the top 10 online food delivery apps.

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3. Grubhub

Browsing for the online food delivery services will display results of another top contender: Grubhub. This app is known best among its users as it strives to deliver food that is hot, fresh, and fast.

Just like with Zomato, users can now order from top favorite restaurants or small and local places delivered at your doorstep. Grubhub works with some restaurants wholly, like Denny’s and Taco Bell.

Ordering food online with Grubhub is a cost-effective way, and the best thing about it is that you can avail maximum discounts on your orders. Grubhub focuses on nearby food places with exclusive sales, those offering free delivery, and more. The Grubhub app is also known for providing catering services on grand occasions and events.

4. FoodPanda

Foodpanda also offers attractive deals and discounts on online food ordering to its potential users. The app offers exclusive features like live location tracking, internet banking, and COD payment methods. Foodpanda is also known for providing affordability and the fastest delivery.

FoodPanda is presently offering its services in collaboration with more than 10000 restaurants in India. With Foodpanda, dealing with your late-night cravings and throwing a party to your employees has become easier than ever. FoodPanda is also famous as 10 online food delivery apps.

5. Swiggy

Now searching for your favorite cuisine, restaurant, nearby cafes and much more has become easier for food lovers with Swiggy app. With the facilities like live-location mapping contacting delivery guy, users can quickly know the status of their orders.

Adding more to the features of this app, Swiggy Pop is a new feature of this app that helps in serving single meals for prices as low as Rs. 50. This feature allows users to order food online for an only person while eliminating the hassle for additional orders needlessly to fulfill the minimum billing condition. Swiggy app is recognized as the online food delivery services in India and all across the globe for its top-notch services.

6. Domino’s Pizza

Whoever said Deserts are foodies’ favorite food was wrong because even after a stomach full of food, you can’t say ‘no’ to Pizza. Domino’s is another popular food delivery app that endeavors to provide an exciting coupon offer and discounts to its users from the best restaurants to gratify their taste buds with delicious pizzas.

With Swiggy, users don’t have to worry about payment methods. The app offers the most secure payments via online wallets, credit/debit card methods, or cash on delivery. Swiggy app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The business and app of Domino’s Pizza have 4.4 rating and more than 4.5 lakh reviews. That is why Domino’s app is among the online food delivery apps.

7. DoorDash

DoorDash app is the best online food delivery services. At here, every food flavor comes at an affordable cost. Now ordering food from your favorite restaurants has been extremely convenient and is just a tap away. DoorDash app is an on-demand food delivery service that endeavors to deliver your all-time meals from your favorite restaurants.

Moreover, the app also provides alcoholic beverages from breweries, restaurants, and stores. It enables users to choose from more than 300,000 local and national restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. DoorDash is the perfect option to deal with your hunger and cravings. Over the years, it has also become a bridge between food needs and their favorite foods. It also works in enhancing relationships between people by bringing them together.

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8. Seamless

The Seamless apps’ innovative food delivery options enhance the customer experience by providing them with favorite foods. It offers you a seamless way to order food online or takeout from several places and menus in your nearby areas. Also, you can even get exciting discounts and special offers on your present order as well as on the next orders.

At the Seamless app, you can enjoy your food from top restaurants like Dunkin, McDonald’s, and Panera. The app has been attaining great compliments from its users from all across the world. The app also allows you to schedule your food order according to your convenience and comfort.

9. is a way lot different from other prominent food delivery apps on this list. What makes it different is that the app provides its users with more than just food delivery. app also offers you online delivery of groceries and meals along with some gifting options. The app has been delivering services in more than 100 major cities.’s access areas are available on their website. The app also has good news to tell its users about their expanding areas as their plans. This food delivery app doesn’t charge its users for providing services. The app also provides its users with delivery points on your order so that they can save massive amounts on their next purchase.

10. Faasos

Faasos Food Delivery app is emerging as a boon for people who feel that ‘food is life’. You can choose from luscious cuisines, depending on your type of food. From starters to sweet dishes, the Faasos app has everything to offer to its food-lovers. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store as well. With an interactive user interface and secured payment methods, the app comes with exciting deals and discounts users can avail of to deal with their hunger needs. Even during these times of COVID-19 global pandemic, the app promises to provide a contactless delivery and hygienically cooked food.


These are some of the online food delivery apps available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. The increasing need for top food delivery apps will not end. Apart from online food delivery, the app has also been offering takeaway options to users. Now, you can get easy access to the top nearby restaurants and cafes affordably delivered at your doorstep.

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